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Actually your question is now at normal state. You were getting so much interaction before because your question became a hot network question and was also tweeted by the automated Ask Ubuntu twitter account. See the timeline of your question: Enough time has passed that both of these are probably irrelevant now, hence the drop off in views.


As I understand it, it is a moderator who does so. Any user with at least 3000 reputation points may cast a close (or reopen) vote. On this site, diamond moderators rarely participate in close voting, because the community here is relatively active in close-voting and reviewing, but on other Stack Exchange sites, moderators are more often involved in close ...


I disagree. It should not be reopened. If a user is to have a meaningful opinion on kernels (e.g. I don't want any Linux, only GNU), they are an advanced user. I accept that users may have an opinion on licenses, but Linux is licensed under GPL2, which is the same license as most of GNU is developed under. Thus, GPL2 can't be a reason for a user to stay ...


Yeah, I think the balance here is out. This is something that was understandable (wrong close reason) This is something that can be answered with "No, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution", unless I'm mistaken Instead it attracted a pile of answers-as-comments. I'm undeleting, reopening. Have at it.


The -483 isn't an amount of reputation, it's what your change in rank was. For example, if I'm in 3rd place one week and drop to 10th, I've dropped seven slots, so my change is -7. If I do better the following week and get to 2nd place, the change is +8. In your case, you were in 23rd place the week prior but you're now in 506th place, so the change was -...


Not a bug, that's the 'change' in rank (with respect to last week's rank).


One reason, is because we have a unique login, that is, via launchpad: As far as I know, you can't login to any other SE with Launchpad.


My apologies: I was one of the "deleters". This is the system-wide deletion logic: a moderator can delete anything (no mod deleted anything) 5 reviewers voting to delete can delete anything (None did) in your case 3 high-rep (>20000 rep) reviewers agreed that: this was not a good answer one of them downvoted your answer all 3 cast a delete vote and ...


The StackExchange network depends on browser cookies to remember the login state. Most StackExchange sites use * as domain, AskUbuntu is one of many exceptions using its own 2nd level domain ( The use of different privacy tools becomes more and more common. Unfortunately these mechanism tend to interfere. If this happens, ...

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