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You will most certainly know a few of the keywords from your question. To find all questions I ever asked, containing the word python, I type in the search bar (showing "Search on Ask Ubuntu): python user:me is:q The result shows as a list: To find all answers: python user:me is:a (q -> a)


In the absence of any supplied information, the following assumes a default Ubuntu Gnome 18.04 desktop. In the title bar at the top right of the screen, left mouse click the section with your picture, reputation, and awards. This brings up your profile. At the top left, select "Activity", and from the list in the middle of the "Activity" screen, Select "...


Tags are used to group questions that are similar or focused on a particular thing, like boot. There have been multiple instances where you tried to create tags which do not serve long lasting benefit to the site. We don't really need such tags. I left a comment for you here regarding the same (I'm not sure if you saw that). So, please refrain from creating ...


I've edited the question and added the link of your answer.


They will not see anything until 5 people agree (or a gold badge user / mod uses their gold hammer / Orbital cannon). So yes, you're adding value, but I'd use: This site offers support only for [official flavours of Ubuntu]( XXX is off-topic here but welcomed at [], a sister site of []. Which ...


It just means that you have visited the question's page previously. When you visit a link in Ask Ubuntu and that link is part of your browser's history. Any link that is part of your browser's history becomes gray so you can tell that you had previously visited that link. You can check the following GIF which showcases this behavior. Notice when every time ...


Yes, if.. It relates to Ubuntu It's not too opinionated It doesn't trip over one of the other "don't ask" formats.


If you are referring to the 1-rep user Donald Duck's 'comment' on that question, that was initially made as an answer. Moderators such as myself reserve the power to convert non-answer answers to comments (automagically) when it's still worth keeping as a comment, and as was stated by another answer here, we sometimes use this when there's a "not an answer" ...


Moderators can convert an answer to a comment. This usually happens when the answer is flagged as "not an answer", the moderator agrees, but does not want to delete the post entirely.


To add to Kos' answer, if you select the Electorate badge as your next tracked badge and then click on it you will get the following dropdown which makes it a lot clearer that you have two conditions you have to have met at the same time. It also tracks both of them separately.

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