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Apparently, Watched means the question has a tag you are watching. In the past, such questions showed up with a faint highlighting effect, which was not particularly informative either. Some users prefer the old design. Eye icon - apparently there's a bug with that that should get fixed soon. It's supposed to be on all of them.


Blockquote formatting does not preserve line breaks, which is why it should not be used to format output from a command - long output becomes horribly unreadable, and since blockquoted text, unlike unformatted text, also loses the original line breaks from the markdown text, it is impossible to fix the problem by editing! Use code formatting to preserve line ...


You don't need HTML. Instead, to make a blockquote, use the > character. Remember to have a blank line after the end of the blockquote. Here's an example: > Ask Ubuntu is amazing! Here's how that will render Ask Ubuntu is amazing! And using multiple lines: > Ask Ubuntu is amazing! > > Unix SE is very good, too! And here is how that will ...

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