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This question shouldn't be in Meta (but I don't know how to move it) Unfortunately, Ubuntu Software Center was discontinued in 2015. It was replaced with GNOME Software (rebranded as Ubuntu Software) - so unfortunately the old links to do not work anymore . The new standard for software from an app-store like interface under Ubuntu is "snaps"...


It's a weakness in the audit system. One of many. Don't worry about it, these audits are only there to catch people who are clicking blindly to get badges. Failing one every now and then is not an issue, just shake your head at the stupidity of all automated systems and move on to the next review item.


The No Action Required button means that the post is good in your opinion. However, it doesn't mean you have to press it. A post may need improvement, it may need to be flagged, it may need you to ask the OP for more clarification, etc. Knowing that, if you try to do any of the previous actions (suggest an edit, flag, comment, etc.), the No Action Required ...


You should absolutely remove irrelevant tags, wrong tags, add missing tags and anything else that makes the question better. Collaborative editing is a big part of the SE model and tags are not special. So yes, please, correct any tagging issues you see!


Actually, my joke comment above is pertinent to the problem. Frequently an answer, although good, can be too long or detailed to read. It can help alot to break it out in different ways to help the reader: Add a summary section at the top. e.g. "TL;DR .... You've edited the wrong file and it's getting replaced." Avoid bolding too much, particularly at the ...


It's actually a little bit easier than pomsky points out. You don't need the URL or to open the image box. You can just: Right click the image, click "Copy Image" Then paste that image straight into an edit box. It'll upload it to the right part of Imgur and insert the link.


Instead of downloading and re-uploading you can just copy the image URL and paste it in the image upload tool: (click 'paste')

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