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I don't like cookies. My browser is set to discard them after it is closed. As a web developer, that seems like a slightly absurd overreaction, but each to their own. It obviously means a site can't remember your preferences, let alone things like sessions and logins. I think you know that. If you visit a site a lot, it might be worth using something like ...


I think we might have stumbled upon something here. From HuHa's comment: According to EU law, the default setting needs to be essential cookies, but they overlooked that all such banners provide a big fat "accept all" button and then a "settings" button where you have to click multiple times to get rid of the banner without accepting all ...


I'll post an answer since it's hard to do in comments. I will be using this review item as an example: Now, on to your specific points. identify post: the banner at the top shows very prominently infos about the question (which is totally irrelevant when reviewing an answer) I honestly don't ...


What's going on is described here on Meta Stack Exchange: Visual design changes to the review queues. That is also the place to leave feedback. They've already improved quite a lot of things reported by the community in the first round (Close/Reopen review queues on Meta Stack Exchange/Meta Stack Overflow) so perhaps they will take your criticism as well, as ...


Thank the EU parliament for this: They forced that stuff upon us all. I found the only way out to is installing the "I don't care about cookies" browser extension which silently accepts all cookies on sites that have such a banner.


Apparently, the Steward badge can now be awarded multiple times, and they have been retroactively awarded. Maybe review participation (or at least my review participation) will improve :)

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