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To add Launchpad login to your account, you can click this multi user link (works for who ever clicks it) to go to your profile and then click on "add more logins" For more information you can see this page in the help center


Great catch! Another alternative - we could remove the tag altogether. Do we actually need a tag for that language? There are only 20 questions in the tag (including the wrongly tagged ones) and most of them are about software-installation. If they were about features of the language itself, or about platform-independent issues with using in it, they would ...


Great catch! Renaming the tag to jvm-groovy as you suggested is a good idea. Editing the usage guidance should also be done if the tag is renamed, but just fixing the usage guidance alone is very unlikely to prevent the tag from being misused. Version tags are available (although some folks feel they should not be used at all) in the form 16.04 18.04 20.04 ...

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