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From a user experience, it would be very bad to do the magnification idea or even remove zoom. And this is getting too complicated just because of the zoom app. I would suggest, to simplify this to: Keep zoom as is. This is used if you see the questions at hand for zooming in general. (Zoom in, zoom out). Very few will be actually typing zooming for this or ...


Alternate suggestion: use zooming for zooming in and out and continue using zoom-meeting for the meeting app. Nuke the zoom tag, don't keep it, don't synonymise it and don't allow it to be created again.


I'm not sure this is a good idea, because the feature of being able to zoom is usually called zoom and not magnification. I think that dedicating the zoom tag to the zoom application would not solve the problem of the tag being used inconsistently - it would continue to be used for both zooming in and out, and the particular software application. I think the ...

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