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This is not answering the question for canned answers because I don’t see a valid usecase for them. Unlike a comment, an answer is as unique as a question, and if it’s not unique then it’s a duplicate. this answer which is nothing more than an extended-length, nicely-formatted comment As you agree this is actually not an answer, we don’t need that for ...


No. Not unless version 2 is somehow completely different and someone can be an expert in WSL2 and not in WSL. The version can be mentioned in the body, that is helpful, but having a different tag for every version of a tool that comes out will just complicate things. So I'd say we really don't need separate tags for separate versions of WSL.


Until such time as you gain 125 reputation from the site (and therefore have your New User Limits removed here on Ask Ubuntu) you cannot post more than 1 question every 40 minutes on the site and its meta site (and this will apply anywhere across the StackExchange network where you do not have the requisite 125 rep on those specific sites). This is inbuilt ...


If you earn 125 reputation the limit will be removed. The reason for this limit is to reduce spam questions, there is no chance it will be removed. It is not disrespecting anyone, in fact it is improving the quality of the content on the site. If you really want to take this further you need to post on but it won't go down well. ...

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