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The answer was indeed not helpful since the ~ are absolutely fine, as you pointed out. I have now deleted it. Next time, if a post requires attention and none of the standard flags fit (or are available to you), just raise a custom mod flag letting us know what the issue is. That way the mods can take care of it. Thanks!


So, are questions asked 'n' years ago, still relevant to current supported Ubuntu distro's and officially recognized derivatives? It depends on the question. Some are, some are not. Questions related to server editions tend to still be current; so core related questions last a lot longer than an Ubuntu release. Apache and mysql related questions can also ...


You can use the share button below every post to easily get a direct link to a specific answer or question: This link is of the format, where TYPE is the type of the post, i.e. q for questions or a for answers, POST_ID (highlighted in the screenshot above) is, well, the ID number of this specific post, and USER_ID ...


At the beginning of a period--whether it be a week, month, or quarter--the stats for that period go back to zero, because they applied to the previous period, which has just ended. This is probably the only reasonable way those stats could be displayed, but I've found it confusing as well, because when one week, month, or quarter is considered to end is sort ...


You can find them in your profile on the activities page. On the mobile site, you must scroll down and change the drop down menu to favourites.


As @JeffAtwood mentioned, links (URLs) have to contain the protocol aka scheme generally and are not valid without it – although most browsers accept just the hostnames without specifying the protocol. However, I find displaying [Link]( as Link instead of [Link]( a bug. If a markdown transformation is not applied fully, it should not ...


Yes, they are considered off-topic. See where it states quite plainly that Shopping or Hardware Recommendations should be avoided.

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