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Why do question share links include my user id?

User ID in the sharing link is useful in at least one situation. There are some badges: Announcer Share a link to a question later visited by 25 unique IP addresses. This badge can be awarded ...
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Why have two users Thomas and Thomas Ward?

Usernames are not unique. Anyone can name themselves anything they want, as well as rename themselves whenever they want. As a demonstration, go to Users and search for John. You'll have hundreds of ...
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Are there any active mods here? I asked for help with deleting my account and got no response

To delete your account just follow How do I delete my account?, essentially: While it's strange nobody answered in fact it's not at all necessary to contact the probably busy mods for an account ...
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Are there any active mods here? I asked for help with deleting my account and got no response

You've contacted us 4 times over the past 13 months. Each time, we've responded with instructions on how to delete your account. Each time, we've gotten no response until the next time you contacted ...
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What html flairs are available for Ask Ubuntu and Stack Exchange users in general?

Just to clear things up, this is called "User Flair", and exists on the StackExchange network data for a user under the 'flair' tab, or accessible by specific URLs such as the site-specific one: ...
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What can I do after my account is gone?

You've already been contacted about this directly. See:
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My reputation is down to 1

Obviously, there are only certain things I can help you with directly and Stack Exchange will only help you if you can prove you own the main account. Just saying it's you isn't enough. I can give you ...
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Is it possible to rename oneself on Ask Ubuntu?

With the new design of SE, the previous answer isn't valid anymore, though the steps are almost the same. Click your name at the top Click on "Edit Profile & Settings" Change your display name ...
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What html flairs are available for Ask Ubuntu and Stack Exchange users in general?

I host a customisable flair on my website. I wrote the code myself, and it is under the MIT licence. It's more involved than pasting an image into a webpage, but it is a higher quality end product, ...
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Change login name containing my email adress

goto profiles > edit profiles (top right corner)> your logins > add login
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Do I need to be logged in to Ask Ubuntu to see if I received an answer to my question?

You don't need to be logged in to Ask Ubuntu to only read questions and answers, but you do need to be logged in to vote, accept an answer, comment, mark your question as a duplicate of another ...
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when addressing to user in comments - @user as it is or without spaces?? example @Abcd E F or @AbcdEF?

According to this answer on How do comment @replies work? - Meta Stack Exchange Spaces are removed from the display names for matching purposes. So to match Peter Smith you may use @pet, @peter, @...
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Lost access to e-mail account used to register in askubuntu

It seems you cannot just change your log in, I guess one must be active at all times, I don't really know why. You can however add more here, by clicking the add more logins button, then from the ...
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What/how/where do I get the "link to a valid account" for the purpose of deleting my account?

I've scheduled your account for deletion. It'll take 24 hours, because they do. But because I can't help myself, and if it takes, it might actually do your some good in life, I suggest trying to ...
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How To Change Username On This Site?

You can do it yourself from within your user profile. Click on the favicon on the Stack Exchange yo bar (hovering over it with your mouse will show you current username). This will take you to your ...
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When a user is deleted are their "accepts" removed?

You are not going to lose reputation if a user that has accepted your answer is deleted (assuming they have only accepted your answer). After the user removal, the accept will be owned by the ...
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How do I delete my account and all questions?

In response to an answer to your only question asked on the main site, you wrote: The two responses I have received here have convinced me that I am not a suitable member of this elitist club and I ...
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