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Are we supposed to ask Linux Mint questions here?

As Artur, guiverc, mook765 and Rinzwind have all pointed out the official place to ask questions related to Linux Mint is not here. There are however a few other good choices: Linux Mint Forums: You ...
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Can we have an integrated filter to detect AI generated content?

There is currently no foolproof filtering system that can detect AI content. The best you can do is flag something as suspected AI content and then moderators can review to determine if it is AI. One ...
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Why does my question get locked by on Askubuntu? No apparant reason other than a bully moderator

You have no posts on Ask Ubuntu that were deleted by a moderator. Only by yourself. And this one which was mis-posted on Ask Ubuntu. Therefore, your premise for your post is nonexistent. If you are ...
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Can we have an integrated filter to detect AI generated content?

According to the The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide: Users with < 125 rep must wait 3 minutes between answers on most Stack Exchange sites, but must wait 30 minutes between answers on Stack Overflow....
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How to format commands

For individual commands you wrap them in backticks `like this` this would give you a way to inline a command inside another block of text. There's a few ways to do code blocks. I favour the 'github' ...
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