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Goodbye Gunnar Hjalmarsson 1958.10.06 - 2023.12.20

Gunnar played an important role in Debian-packaging and distributing IBus Avro, a phonetic keyboard for the Bangla (my native) language, as well such packages for as many other languages. I can easily ...
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If I have useful information to add to an answer, why do I need reputation to post it and how do I get it?

… is that really the best way to prevent spam on a site? I'm afraid it is, yes. I understand the frustration and it can feel pretty backwards when it's getting between you and doing something good, ...
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Goodbye Gunnar Hjalmarsson 1958.10.06 - 2023.12.20

I used to watch for LP bug reports related to languages with RTL scripts (Like: Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu ...), i18n & l10n in general. That time, the translations were incomplete for may ...
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Do 'Read the man pages...' type comments and answers have a place on Ask Ubuntu?

Directing someone to a manpage is a good idea, but not if it's used as a way to avoid giving an answer to the user's question in the body of the answer. Here would be some practices I would recommend: ...
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Is this the best place to ask complex questions?

If possible, break your complex problem into several smaller, simpler problems, each asked separately. AskUbuntu works best with simple, answerable questions: "How do I troubleshoot XYZ?" or ...
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How to see the user's reputation graph?

You have three options: Lower your browser's zoom level (I had to reduce it to 90% because I had Hide left navigation disabled in profile Settings). Enable Hide left navigation in your profile ...
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