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View inactive posts to achieve Excavator badge

You can use this SEDE query which was created exactly for this purpose: Posts inactive for over 6 months: Useful for Archaeologist badge progress Or you can use advanced search options in the site's ...
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How can I easily see my own questions and threads to which I have commented on this site?

Simply click on the area containing your icon and that will take you to your user profile. From there, scroll down to your list of Newest questions or select the appropriate tab for other options. To ...
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Can we have a tag for scientific-computing?

This tag seems unnecessarily vague. It's not even a single class of software (eg calculator), it barely an intention and broadly speaking, it would probably only serve as an umbrella around several ...
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Should we pay more attention to self-answered questions when considering flagging them as duplicates?

You did the right thing in both situations and also by posting here. Neither of these questions are duplicates. We do need to do better at making sure that questions are not prematurely closed as ...
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