The answer was indeed not helpful since the ~ are absolutely fine, as you pointed out. I have now deleted it. Next time, if a post requires attention and none of the standard flags fit (or are available to you), just raise a custom mod flag letting us know what the issue is. That way the mods can take care of it. Thanks!


I reckon this happens sometimes while adding a link using the "insert hyperlink" tool (either by clicking the button or pressing Ctrl+L) instead of using Markdown. The input box contains https:// (which is selected) by default (and I believe it used to have http:// by default previously). So usually while pasting the link, it overwrites the https:// with ...


I have edited your answer to remove the emphasis on the fact that it's a bug. In my opinion, I think that is what caused the confusion. There is no need to emphasise the fact that it's a bug, as your answer properly mentions a workaround which is a much more important part of the answer.


While I would not go so far as to say that the posts in support have nothing in common with each other at all, I do not think grouping them with this tag is useful. The questions fall into three categories: Questions about support periods for Ubuntu versions. Questions about hardware or software working or not on Ubuntu. People who want our support or ...

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