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Questions at askubuntu are answered from a voluntary community, so there is no ticket system that reminds people to answer questions. It happens that questions are replaced by newer ones and people will oversee them even if they are good, because most wont scroll down a lot or even visit the next page(s). That happens e.g. if they are posted on Sunday ...


Let’s burminate it! (but I need 30 chars here)


As this edit is OP’s reaction and feedback to your answer, it should be an edit to the question. There are three steps to take: Reject the edit as “Attempt to reply” Write a comment to OP asking them to update their question with the new information – I just did that now and shortened the citations to avoid unnecessarily redundant information. Edit your ...


We get a lot of questions on AU, so aside from giving as much information as you can which is nicely covered by the help page How do I ask a good question? it’s also very important to present your question in the right way – through proper formatting: How do I format my posts using Markdown or HTML? Markdown help These help pages shows how you can format ...


I would accept it if it adds to the answer (but it does not ;) ). It is the person that asked the question so his -intent- is to add to your question what he thinks makes it a perfect answer. He is adding things that are related to the question. So reject it and leave a comment


Some questions are clearly not version specific, for others it's not immediately clear. I'd rather see an unnecessary tag (that I can easily delete) than not see a tag that might drive an expert to find the question (which granted I could easily add). I happen to agree with this comment.

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