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Stack Overflow's Developer survey is generally conducted every year in the month of January-February and results are announced somewhere between April and May. As Mark Kirby stated, you just missed it this year. Whenever a new is available, you'll see survey's announcement in the yellow box on the right side under "The Overflow Blog". Currently, ...


You just missed it this year, here are the results. The only thing I can do to help you here is to point you to the SO email settings and advise you to check the box for research. This way you should get an email for the next one.


I have always felt that Sportsmanship is the single most important badge for elections. Posting 100 answers isn't much, really. Not if you're an active user of an active site like this one. All of our current moderators have somewhere between twice that number and 20 times that number. I, an ex-mod, have ~10x that number myself. However, the importance of ...


Sportsmanship is also listed as a moderation badge in the list of badges, perhaps because voting up is considered 'moderation' on Stack Exchange, and an important one (it's even mentioned in the tour). I guess it's equally valid to regard it as an answer badge. Why was it chosen? It turns out that it was the initiative of a community (Mathematics Stack ...

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