Welcome and thank you for you continued contributions. What you're describing is considered a "Signature" on a post and they are highly discouraged in Stack Exchange platform. You're more than welcome to edit your profile page to include "Thank you and as always, God Bless" which everyone will see when they roll over your name or visit your profile. This isn'...


Sorry to see you go. Although I respect your decision but I'll surely miss bothering you in room no. 201 every once in a while. Thank you for all the support you have given as a mod. Peace ☮️.


You get an inbox notification for moderator elections on every site where you are able to vote for the candidates. According to the election page itself (yellow note on the right): Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the election. So if you have enough points on SO to vote in the election, you of course get notified for it. How else ...


The correct way is to vote based on the content. Is it a good question? - Vote it up. Is it a bad question? - Vote it down. Don't just vote to counter down-votes. There are two problems with flagging a question for moderator attention because of a down-vote. A moderator should not be there to judge a down-vote and invalidate it if he thinks it was not ...


P.S. You are hereby assigned the right to make small or minor modifications to the original image as I have done here: Yeah, enough said.


I'm not sure how inspirational this will be but I would consider it a warts-and-all account of what being a moderator can be like. I'm certain many people consider it a cushy title with super-powers where we get to boss people around and delete bad content... But it's actually a very involving job that puts demands on your time-management, your patience and ...


I think you're talking about these two recent posts: 2 year old user is a new contributor? Is it correct that search on AskUbuntu ignores code blocks and inline codes? These were edited by Shog9 and Adam Lear. These two guys are Stack Exchange employees, so they have network-wide phenomenal cosmic powers and mod diamonds everywhere they go. They don't have ...


We will miss you. Do hang out in the chatroom!


I'm ever so confused… I thought my birthday was in August… Or has my account become more than the Oli behind it, like Jorgebot?


If you think somebody is being rude, flag that post/comment. We'll talk to them if we think it's becoming a problem. "Be nice" is a rule around here and the mods do everything we can to make sure people at least attempt to get along with others. Even if we have to beat it into them.


As I understand it, it is a moderator who does so. Any user with at least 3000 reputation points may cast a close (or reopen) vote. On this site, diamond moderators rarely participate in close voting, because the community here is relatively active in close-voting and reviewing, but on other Stack Exchange sites, moderators are more often involved in close ...


I'm against this for the reasons outlined here by Robert Cartaino (An SE employee) when this came up a while ago on Meta Stack Overflow. The daily vote limit used to be 30 votes per day; we’ve increased that to a maximum of 40 votes per day (provided some of those votes go to questions). Already, it is so exceedingly rare for users to even hit ...


You are a member of the Stack Overflow community. You currently have 227 reputation there and have contributed 5 answers. The fact that you are more active here doesn't change the fact that you are also a member of SO and, as such, have every right to vote there. I think you're reading to much into this. While you (and I) are among those few users who ...


I have to admit I had a hard time up-voting your resignation message as I find it sad to see you go. But I guess I can not change your mind in this matter being a mod on Ask Ubuntu even tho you where a good choice and you brought this way the U&L and Ask Ubuntu community closer together. I still hope you will continue to hang out in chat and for the ...


As far as I know, no, not directly. (and its for the best! I would not want to wake up every 2 mins with other peoples "issues" :)) You can contact us via the general chat or the regulators room by pinging us with @foo_user, we normally keep an eye on those 2 rooms and if the moderator you pinged is not there I am sure the community or some other imba user ...


Voting is probably one of the most important things you will do on the site. Either down and up it is important to do it. The site works over time, you should never look as something that happened right now as important. Vote up if you like, if there is effort and if the information seems correct. Vote down if you do not find it useful or even logic as ...


We recently published a process just for that: Handling Calls to Remove a Moderator. It's intended to be a last-resort kind of approach, though. In most cases, simple mistakes and disputes can be easily resolved here on meta.


(For closure, it seems like the winners should be announced in this thread.) Welcome our new AskUbuntu overlords! Stats: 2,226 voters were eligible 880 visited the site during the election 353 visited the election page 180 voted The results from OpenSTV: Loading ballots from file askubuntu-com-2012-election-results.blt. Ballot file contains 10 ...


This answer on Meta Stackoverflow (the master policy site and guidelines for the network) should answer your question as to the things moderators can do. To answer your question directly, yes, moderators can suspend someone for breaking the rules, being repeatedly rude, etc. But suspensions are monitored by the Stack Exchange, Inc staff, so it's very ...


Because it copied a whole swathe of text from another site that didn't make its content available through a permissive enough license. In short: because it's copyright infringement. Read the Subscriber Content section of the Terms and Conditions you agreed to, notably: Subscriber represents, warrants and agrees that it will not contribute any Subscriber ...


It is unlikely there was much debate about closing the question, and if there was it may still be in the comments. Users here are free to delete their own comments, and moderators can remove any comments as well, so there is no guarantee all comments are still visible. Anyone with 3000 reputation here can cast close (or re-open) votes, you don't need to be ...


We aren't super heroes, although and we might look like it. We have the powers and tools mentioned in this Meta Stack Overflow post, plus I have power of detecting where there is food. Although there might be twitch other twitch causes for that. ;)


What you're referring to is probably editors and it takes 2000 rep to become an editor. On the main site, if the user is a few 100 rep, he's just a user that has to go through a review process before his/her edits are approved. On Meta, only 2000 rep users can edit as per Zanna in the comments. For all privileges and the rep they need look here I'm not ...


Even moderators are not notified that a flag has been raised on their own message. Moderators (but not 10k users) can see a history of flagged message for any user including themselves. This log does not include the identity of the flagger.


Nope, we can't see your individual upvotes or downvotes. We can see any voting trends that appear, in case you start using your votes to target other users (which is against the rules), or other users target you, but that is the extent that we can see.


If you do a custom flag, only moderators and Stack Exchange employees can see that. If you want to have a discussion, you can ping someone on chat and they will assist you. Failing that, I do publish my email, and so do several others of the moderators, but We will probably just move the conversation to a private chat room as soon as we get it.


Tell me about it. I've had this happen to me many times. I got a downvote here for no apparent reason: https://askubuntu.com/questions/102396/connecting-to-the-internet-through-firefox/102410#102410. The person in question did not leave a comment. I have no problem when people downvote things, that's what the button is for. But please, always leave a comment ...


The information site mentioned in Information on the moderator candidates gives valuable information on the nominees. See http://elections.stackexchange.com/ and choose Ask Ubuntu.

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