EDIT 25-01-2020 Since posting this answer, I have spent a few years being a moderator on both Ask Ubuntu and Unix & Linux. I now have a much better idea of what users here suggest for migration and am completely, 100%, adamantly against opening a migration path. It's just not worth it, there are vanishingly few questions that would be worth migrating ...


You're right, the question isn't off-topic. It was as migrated to Unix and Linux only because the OP requested it in a flag. Usually if you ask for your question to be moved we are happy to oblige, especially if you aren't getting a satisfactory answer here.


I'm of the opinion migrations just don't work. I've said most of this before but I'll add in some Unix.SE-specific arguments What is "crap" on Unix.SE and other sites? I would say we have a higher tolerance for the crappier question than most sites. There will be lacking information (that we tease out in comments) or just failing to Google (how ...


I'm afraid we can do neither. Questions older than 60 days cannot be migrated and we can't merge without migrating. Only questions which are less than 60 days old can be migrated; this rule also applies to moderators.1 1 After 60 days, migrations can only be performed by Stack Exchange employees. These are performed only in very, very rare procedural cases ...


I definitely agree that more migration targets should be provided. There is only one path to Ask Ubuntu Meta currently and we can only ask for migration to different sites by raising a moderation flag and describe the migration in our own words. I would like to see the following migration targets available on Ask Ubuntu (probably in the stated order). I am ...


You should look at some of the questions we get here: Most end users don't know the difference between Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Kali, Mint, Elementary, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows. (And I've seen all of the aforementioned and some more...) So: go ahead, post your question, give as an absolute minimum the lsb_release --short --codename&&uname --...


Flag for moderator attention. At the moment, migration paths to other Stack Exchange sites are not available to 3k users. 3k users can only migrate to here, Meta. With <3k rep, you can only flag anyway.


My rationale to date for resisting open migrations is "because migrations are rubbish": Cannot specify other SE groups for transfer Activate migration paths to Unix and Linux, should we? I maintain those stances. Essentially if we collectively do something wrong like closing or deleting a post, we can undo it. If we collectively shunt rubbish around, we ...


No, we could have up to 5 sites in that list, allowing 3k users to migrate questions without the help of a moderator, but we have never requested they be enabled, mainly for the reasons outlined here.


The question itself is a bit borderline, but I'm leaning toward on-topic. However, asking "What OS will run program" isn't on-topic on any SE site that I know of. You might be able to get a moderator to refund the bounty before a migration, but most likely it will just disappear into nothingness.


There's nothing intrinsically wrong with migrating a question, but in a lot of cases it can fall under the don't migrate crap rule.


Usually you can flag it for moderator attention, and in the reason state that you want it migrated. (And the target site's moderators may decide to reject the migration.) It would be quicker to simply copy your question over and delete this one.


Moderators are more than capable of handling questions in this case. This question was migrated and before VTCers came by and addressed it, the bounty was posted. To that end, the bounty was removed and the question force-closed by moderator diamond, therefore the 'migration' on SO's side will show up as "rejected".

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