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If you want to edit an unsalvageable NAA post, please don't use the edit button in the LQP review queue to do so

This is somewhat related to this useful question: Should we edit the answer we flag as NAA? The answer said, in part: If you're a 2k user, knock yourself out - after all, it's just your own time ...
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Shortcut for adding quotes causes program to quit

While editing a long answer with a large block of text to quote, I held my mouse over the button for quoting, and noted that the shortcut to add quotes is Ctrl+Q. The use of 'Q' makes sense, but it ...
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Code fence formatting problems to watch out for and fix

Since the start of 2019, code fences have been fully supported on Stack Exchange sites. By code fences, I mean the use of opening and closing triple backticks to format a code block. The effect of ...
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Could we add on the 'about' page that questions should be edited to provide more information?

On both the about page it is explained how the site works. To my eyes, this should include that a user asking question should edit his post to improve it if some other users are asking clarification ...
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A call to uphold accessibility by not shortening links to "here"

As far as I see there has been some discussion about the shortening of links. While keeping the complete URL visible in the post can clearly be distracting (especially when used inline), I want to ...
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Edit approved by no-one?

Consider this approved edit (edit by me): Why is reviewer field blank? Who really approved the edit? This only occurs on that particular review and ...
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Suggested edits count includes a user's own tag wiki edits

In review, I'm told there are 3 suggested edits for me to approve/reject/improve: (These images are from the old review system; the new system's interface is different but this still seems to occur.) ...
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Show comments to a question, when editing that question with less than 2K reputation

When I edit a question, this is often in response to a suggestion in the comments. For this reason it would be very helpful if I could see the comments at the same time in the window where I am ...
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This edit would have to be a suggested edit

I was reviewing a question which a new user had just posted on the site, by clicking on the Review link. After editing the title (typos) and the main question body, with spelling, layout and English ...
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Editing race condition?

OP and I both edited this question at the exact same second. My revision is shown, but the revision history says OP's is the most recent. I think this is a bug, since the most recent revision should ...
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Should I edit or re-ask my question?

If I edit my question after attempting to fix a problem and the problem still exists does my question still get answered or do I have to re-ask the question?
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Changing "yesterday", "today", etc in Title to actual date

I was recently inconvenienced by Titles or Question bodies that say "a couple of days ago", "Yesterday" or "Today" because I was forced to scroll down to see question asked date and do some mental ...
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"This post is deleted and cannot be edited." text on a totally blank page

I have an error to report. Today, I have started for the first time to review other users' questions and answers. So the error I am talking about never happened to me and I don't know if it was ...
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Can I search for my draft answers?

I googled to know how to get my draft answers. But I couldn't find a way. I know I can find my draft if I know the question. In my case I don't remember the question. Any idea?
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Tag Wiki Edits on Ask Ubuntu Mobile

Ask Ubuntu mobile does not let you make tag edits, you have to switch to the full site, make the edits, and switch back. And the editor is temperamental on my mobile browser, sometimes working and ...
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Bug in the audit system?

I believe I've discovered a bug in the audit system. I was reviewing this answer, which obviously needed some serious work: So I clicked on the edit link, and it showed me this: Which immediately ...
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Someone is editing my question's tags and I disagree with their edit

As is suggested by Eliah Kagan; In general, if you believe your question is de-tagged wrongly, here are some options at your disposal: Read the tag's tag wiki and see what other questions ...
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"Rollback to Revision n" doesn't appear consistently

When a post is rolled back via the 'edit' option, it prepends Rollback to Revision n - automatically to the edit summary, but not consistently. Is there a criteria for adding this text? Should ...
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