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Should the NVIDIA bug question be made a community wiki?

NVIDIA screwed up and pushed some buggy drivers, affecting many users who are coming to AU with the same issue: Strange artifacts along window borders after waking computer from sleep mode The ...
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What is site policy for "canonical posts" and Community Wiki status?

As of the time of writing, we have a rather large number of what can be considered "canonical posts", or posts that are basically frequent dupe-targets and answer very broad/general questions. ...
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Should all questions with a "SYSLINUX" type error when booting from usb be merged into one?

A user asked a question about failing to boot from a live-usb installation of Ubuntu. I copy pasted his error message into google and it turned up several other questions with similar problems: Can&#...
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Is the "community help wiki" the same as "community wiki" on Ask Ubuntu?

I've heard of community wiki posts on Ask Ubuntu, but there seems to be something else called the community wiki, the community help wiki, or Ubuntu community wiki. This is confusing. What's the ...
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In answers attributed to "community wiki", what does the percentage value denote?

See this answer for example: community wiki 28 revs, 9 users 37% Jorge Castro What does 37% denote? I looked at What are “Community Wiki” posts? but didn't see an explanation.
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What to do With Question that involved a ubuntu wiki link? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Answers based on Ubuntu wiki Days ago I saw an answer that involved a ubuntu wiki link, the question was: How to setup a DNS server ? the answer was : you can follow this ...
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Can we better organize Broadcom questions?

I would suggest if we can have one question for each of the Broadcom chipsets, with one answer covering each of the release. So, we would have one question about Broadcom BCM4313 (and other chipsets) ...
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Why don't we have a Community Wiki Section or a Community wiki tag in Questions menu for their easier access

There are questions with excellent answers and descriptions marked as Community wiki. The problem I found, How to search and access them in Ask Ubuntu or for that matter in Meta too. (don't suggest "...
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Community Wiki bounties should be split

I believe that bounties that are awarded to community wiki questions should be split according to the work done by each user(See the percentages under any community wiki answer to get this data) ...
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Is creating a community wiki answer with summary of all posted tiny answers welcome?

At times I see questions with single-line answers, that are perhaps more useful as an aggregate. Can I combine all such answers into one, and mark the answer community wiki? The particular question ...
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Could we migrate outdated answers to community wiki mode?

One trait that makes AskUbuntu different from many SE communities is that our subject matter changes at a six-month clip. The answer for new versions is often very different from the answers for older ...
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What should we do when a question would make a perfect wiki, but...

What should we do when a question would make a perfect wiki, but the author has a criteria too strict for one? Please forgive me if this question sounds stupid, I'm not quite sure how the community ...
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Is 20K reputation required for wiki tag approvals for new sites

I am one of the zeitgeist developers and I spend a lot of time helping people with problems and misconceptions. I had an idea of creating a wiki on askubuntu for the zeitgeist tag. When I opened the ...
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Why was this made CW?

Looking at Q: Pros and cons of hibernating, I wonder why it was made Community Wiki? To me, it doesn't look subjective, nor is it like a poll.
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Do we promote "collection" wikis?

I happened to see the question Widgets for promoting Ubuntu on your website. In the question it states: This is a collection for promoting Ubuntu on your website. If you have the rep, please enter ...
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