I am one of the zeitgeist developers and I spend a lot of time helping people with problems and misconceptions.

I had an idea of creating a wiki on askubuntu for the zeitgeist tag. When I opened the tag info page I see this message

Tag wikis can be edited by users with more than 20000 reputation.

What does this mean? Approval of changes to tag wiki page? I can write the wiki but if it has to approved by someone of rep 20K then I don't think it is feasible.

Now the issue is no one has 20K reputations on askubuntu (as of now). The user with highest rep is Oli who has 18.3K but still that is far from 20K

So in this case, what would new sites do?

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This means users with 20k rep do not have to have their tag wiki edits approved by other users.

Everyone else has to be approved.

See the /faq for the list of reputation required to approve edits and tag edits.


I've gotten a few tag wiki edit requests from low rep users adding tag wikis so I think it just goes into the edit pool.

Thanks for helping with Manish, it's always great when an upstream project participates!

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