There are questions with excellent answers and descriptions marked as Community wiki. The problem I found,

How to search and access them in Ask Ubuntu or for that matter in Meta too. (don't suggest "making it favourite" in answer, it makes Favourites list too long to search too)

I tried with community wiki subject in search bar, but got directed to answers with Ubuntu-wiki like tags.

One of the best purpose of Community wiki answers I found was, that they address & provide in-Depth solutions to common queries / questions and problems. Which helps a lot to new-Comers like me and amateurs alike. Example questions like

How can I configure Unity?

What are PPAs and how do I use them?

Although the Votes section addresses them but not exclusively for all Wiki questions.

From my side I could suggest this

enter image description here

From the above screenshot, instead of having placed four Meta (I don't know why and what for meta questions are highlighted in Ask Ubuntu page), we can horizontally divide it for the Community Wiki section with community-wiki tags if possible. Which will be showing two questions down below same as Community Bulletin section.

Or in any other way easily accessible.

Another feature I can suggest is scrolling down them to see most active or on Main-page-based question posting idea, within the two question area, similar to Facebook right-side notification scrolling (I hope they don't have a patent for that).

P.S.: By this, I am just suggesting a Community-Wiki based questions format for easy accessibility. I am just trying to post my views for a better Ask Ubuntu through this. In the end, they are just personal view or suggestions.

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You can find all wiki questions by searching with wiki:1 set as part of the search criteria. As for easy access, I don't think it's really that important. Contents scores are more important than if is's a community wiki or not. People don't typically come to Ask Ubuntu and hunt for questions and answers, they come from outside searches, with a search query already in mind. As a result this only helps a select few of us who are constantly on the site. So for adding it to the side bar I don't quite agree, though as I mentioned above you can easily find wiki content with the search feature.

  • Thanks for reply ,and for pointing my the mistake too about wiki:1 Search keyword option availability . Cannot agree more ,Since it is already available , i don't see any point for my other such suggestions . ( Its the second time i ignored to explore the site , witnessed another Learning experience, Thanks ^_^ )
    – atenz
    Commented Jul 8, 2012 at 6:33

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