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Please consider not leaving feedback as Community♦

Thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate it. Recently review got reformatted quite a lot. Personally, I don't like many of the changes. I guess I'm an old stick-in-the-mud. But about one feature in ...
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Bug: Moderator not getting the mod tag but being tagged as a bot in mod actions for comments

This happened on this post's deleted comment - visible to moderators and staff as it's a deleted comment: This is a post done by a reviewer and masked by the Community bot. Mitch is an actual diamond ...
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Can I opt-out from receiving notifications from a particular post?

What are the default text editors in different flavours of Ubuntu? I asked the above question today, received some great answers, accepted an answer. And it solved the initial problem that I had plus ...
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Could we add on the 'about' page that questions should be edited to provide more information?

On both the about page it is explained how the site works. To my eyes, this should include that a user asking question should edit his post to improve it if some other users are asking clarification ...
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Why user is able to edit comments in multiple textareas in the same time?

By accident I have clicked edit link on comment twice. After first click I have textarea for editing it (it is normal and expected behavior). But on second and third click on edit I get garbage: ...
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Why does the site tease me about a comment I can't view?

A deleted answer marked as spam shows a "show 1 more comment" link, but clicking the link does not show the comment. Reloading the page does not make the problem go away. The deletion itself is ...
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Mention multiple users

I know that in comment the number of mentions (@user) is limited to one (in addition to the OP). But in some cases, as in How do I prevent one user in particular from accessing my home directory?, I ...
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Add launchpad quick link

For the comments we have lots of links, such as [se] and []. Here is a list of requested redirects, from me and the comments: [launchpad] goes to and shows as ...
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Why the limits on the number of users that can be notified in one comment?

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to notify more than one user (using the @) in the same comment. However, the current system allows notifying only one user in the same comment. Why this limit? Can we ...
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Would it be helpful to see question comments on the question edit page?

Would it be helpful for those occasions when someone is trying to edit a question to incorporate extra information provided in comments? Would this have more negative effects than positive? I know ...
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Why can't we upvote comments on this years mod elections?

I was reading a post from the 2014 elections and it has many upvoted comments. Why can't we do it this year? it would save a lot of "me too" comments. I wonder if this is a bug, as you can highlight ...
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About the Comment system in New Review BETA feature

Review system looks good in controlling spam and low quality contents . I am aware it is still in BETA. While reviewing i came across an answer whose author had less Reps to comment originally , ...
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Comments in mobile version of Ask Ubuntu

I am using my mobile to connect to Ask Ubuntu. But the problem is I can't remove/edit comments from mobile version of Ask Ubuntu. Is it problem of my mobile or a known issue in Ask Ubuntu? Browser: ...
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About retracted flags and the comment persisting

Case in point: How do I convert my usb installation from legacy boot to uefi? By mistake I flagged as duplicate but later on noticed it was about Elementary OS. Retracted but the comment persists?
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No cancel button for commenting

If you start writing a comment, and then decide not to, there is no cancel button. To get rid of the box to write the comment in, you have to reload the page. It would be better in my opinion if ...
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50 Reputation on comments is too much? Add new function to suggest?

I have low reputation as you see. And the problem i see with this is, that when i try to troubleshoot someone's question that requires some active or continuous communication, or a suggestion like "...
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5 seconds between comment edit is broken

4 minutes after posting a comment I quickly fixed a sentence. Too quickly, as I made a typo. Trying to fix the typo as fast as possible, I got "You may only edit a comment every 5 seconds". So I ...
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Not able to comment on my own answer

I have enough reps but I am unable to comment on my answer to this question. What's the problem?
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Previously (non-)upvoted comment doesn't show the (non-)upvote received anymore

I'm positive that an *apparent* upvote on a comment of mine it's not there anymore: after having left the comment, I was still in the page to read one of the answers a second time when I saw it got ...
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