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I asked a Meta Stack Exchange question about this recently. I'm not eager to delete dupes at all. Dupes are awesome and deleting them indiscriminately or just for being dupes would be terribad. To quote myself: I totally agree that it's good to have differently phrased versions of the same question around, even better if they have different details that ...


Supposedly, the low quality review queue allows you to vote to delete (a 20k privilege) 0 scored answers from the review, in hopes this speed up the deletion process. If 3 20ker users vote to delete an answer, it will be deleted (even if the score isn't -1 or less), otherwise your delete vote will count as a "recommend deletion" vote, in which case 6 are ...


I recommend not deleting this question because it is a very useful question according to these metrics. It has 95 upvotes and has been viewed 122,813 times. 20 questions are linked to it, and of those 20 questions 13 were closed as duplicates of it. Beyond that in my opinion it would be more appropriate to reopen this question than it would be to delete ...


I have now closed the question again, it is really not a good question for SE and really shouldn't be open. However, it is a useful collection and as karel points out, is linked to by many other questions so I don't see what benefit there would be in deleting it. The question has now been closed and I added a "historical significance" notice to it: This ...


When you vote to delete a post, it gets added to this queue that I am sure no one uses anymore.


The canonical upgrading question got reopened and its deletion votes are cleared, so it's back to square one. Well, not quite because in the process we also got muru's answer to this Meta question which rocks. Now is your window of opportunity to post an up-to-date answer to the canonical upgrading question because it may get closed again. If this question ...


When it gets required number of votes, it gets deleted. The required number is 3. Unless that answer is yours, in which case it will be deleted with just 1 vote of you.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible