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Downvotes for answering own questions?

What Zanna said is 100% correct and self answers are encouraged but the down votes have nothing to do with self answers, as the questions were voted up. Let's look at your answers Dell Inspiron does ...
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18 votes

Downvotes for answering own questions?

Thanks for posting the solutions you found to your own problems. This is a great thing to do and the site has some ways of encouraging it - for example, this little message next to the checkbox to ...
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12 votes

"Answer your own question" = accepted answer?

You can mark it as the accepted answer. It's not automatic though. There are scenarios where you might have multiple options to accomplish the same thing. You might prefer somebody else's answer (and ...
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Can I delete a downvoted question that I answered myself (where nobody else has answered it)?

First of all, if you got one downvote, all that means is that one person felt the question should be downvoted. It doesn't in any way imply anything at all about "the community". It only shows the ...
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When is posting my own answer to my question rejected by answer ban?

When you have an answer ban, you cannot post any answers. At all. Not even to your own questions. All answers are blocked when you have an answer-posting ban. This is part of the system. You can'...
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Downvotes for answering own questions?

I want to add a bit to the two already existing excellent answers. if you solved a problem by using some guaranteed-to-solve methods (such as re-installing Ubuntu, removing it etc), then my advice ...
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Reputation requirement for a self answer?

The rep requirement is for posting a question and its answer together. (That's what the checkbox on that page refers to: an option to compose the answer together with the question before positing both ...
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Why are the top voted answers on top of the accepted answer when it was answered by the asker?

From Meta Stack Exchange: Can I accept my own self-answer? Yes; if you've self-answered your own question, you can mark your answer as the accepted answer. There are some differences, though, that ...
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