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Login with Launchpad account not possible anymore

Sorry about this, I made some breaking changes to the page to fix an issue on mobile but forgot to make sure it still worked on desktop! This is fixed as of the next build which should happen ...
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5 votes

Can I merge my LaunchPad login to this account?

To add Launchpad login to your account, you can click this multi user link (works for who ever clicks it) to go to your profile and then click on "add more logins" For more information you ...
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4 votes

If you sign up to Ask Ubuntu via Launchpad, would a profile get created on the wider SE network?

Yes, it should. However, you cannot use your Launchpad OAuth login on any site other than Ask Ubuntu. So you should also add either a StackExchange local login or a secondary login from, say, Google ...
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3 votes

Should reputation be reduced over time, when a user is inactive?

I agree with Bruno Pereira that we should not make reputation on our site work like karma on Launchpad. Of course, you'd expect me to say that (I have over 60k rep, after all). What I want to add is ...
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2 votes

The need to provide a link to your LaunchPad account for the elections

You are absolutely right. Speaking prescriptively (rather than descriptively), you really should not need to publish your real-life identity as a prerequisite to serving as a moderator on a Stack ...
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