Go to your profile and near the top there will be a link that says My logins. It will show you all the accounts associated with you Stack Exchange account, and let you add new ones and remove old ones. Here you can add your Launchpad account and remove your Google account. Moderators can also do this, and one might beat you to it :)


What? No! Why? Nooooooo, no no no no... Motivation? What? It's not that you are payed to contribute on the site... It's about helping others, why should you "reward" for being a good contributor decrease if you are having a time off? This is a bad idea, an awful one, really not good. Besides, if you stop contributing for the site, there is a chance that ...


If there is sufficient interest in adding this feature, I could easily implement it as a UserScript. The script could scan the WMD editor immediately before submission and convert lp:whatever to the appropriate markdown. Alternatively, I have developed a script that adds some buttons to the editing toolbar - one of which already provides an easy way to ...


Sorry about this, I made some breaking changes to the page to fix an issue on mobile but forgot to make sure it still worked on desktop! This is fixed as of the next build which should happen sometime in the next few hours. Thanks for the report!


This is fixed now. When selecting the Launchpad option, a username field will come up:


I can confirm the behaviour but it isn't terminal. If you click the "More sign up options" link and then click the "Sign up using Launchpad" link, you'll get a textbox that will pre-populate the OpenID box for you and will forward you onto Launchpad. It's definitely a problem though. I'll punt this off to SE directly. Update: It's been handed from SE mods ...


Try this: https://askubuntu.com/users/login?noauto=true&returnUrl=%2Fusers%2Fcurrent The way to get the link is: Select your username (the avatar in the new not-technically black bar) Click "My Logins" Click "Add more logins..." Done!


Asking questions on Launchpad: You contact developers directly. That means you will probably get the most accurate and technically correct answer. Your question may get redirected to developers of specific project your question concerns. The question cannot be guaranteed to be answered soon, keep in mind developers are busy making Ubuntu awesome. There are ...


You usually don't know. Here's the guidelines I use: Is the software malfunctioning or broken? Probably a bug. Is the question about how to use the software? Probably not a bug. Is the question about software that might be working fine and is just misconfigured? Could go either way. Figuring out the 3rd one is hard, but from my experience anything with ...


The answer to Can I (and How do I) use my askubuntu account on other Stack Exchange sites? is actually still correct, but Stack Exchange has changed their login page some so it isn't quite clear. On the login page you need to click "more login options" and then input your launchpad URL in the OpenID field.


Yes, it should. However, you cannot use your Launchpad OAuth login on any site other than Ask Ubuntu. So you should also add either a StackExchange local login or a secondary login from, say, Google or Facebook, in order to authenticate to other sites (when cross-site cookies don't work or such).


I have merged your launchpad ID account with your Daniel Clem account. You should now be able to login using your Launchpad account credentials.


Do you use Launchpad Single Sign-On Service to access Ask Ubuntu? That's the most obvious technical connection between the sites, especially since you say this problem is happening when you try to log on. If so, then I recommend posting a question about this on the Canonical SSO provider support tracker on Launchpad. (You should search first, and be aware ...


I agree with Bruno Pereira that we should not make reputation on our site work like karma on Launchpad. Of course, you'd expect me to say that (I have over 60k rep, after all). What I want to add is that I don't think the primary purpose of either reputation on our site or karma on Launchpad is -- or should be -- to incentivize participation. That is one of ...


You are absolutely right. Speaking prescriptively (rather than descriptively), you really should not need to publish your real-life identity as a prerequisite to serving as a moderator on a Stack Exchange site, or as a prerequisite to standing for election. There are many excellent Stack Exchange moderators who keep their Stack Exchange identity strictly ...


As Seth said you can use multiple login methods on StackExchange, one of them is OpenID and for example the link to your Launchpad profile. Launchpad and StackExchange however are completely independent and owned by different entities, they are not different products from one company where an employee can merge your accounts.


To help you with the question on why weren't all askubuntu accounts automatically linked to stackexchange, it is because, back when askubuntu was born, the stackexchange worked on common account systems (google, facebook) and their own stackexchange system. The launchpad for what I remember (Anyone please correct me if am wrong) was added later, but both ...


You have to use your Launchpad username, not your email. The OpenID URL must look like https://launchpad.net/~youruser and not like https://launchpad.net/~youruser@email.com.

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