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Why did the "community" user reject my edits?

Each of those pages tell you: This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit. In practice that means: somebody started editing before you submitted your edit and they didn't require approval for ...
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What does it mean when a post is bumped to homepage by the Community?

The community user will randomly bump old questions to the front page in order to attract more attention. It will only bump questions that meet certain criteria: A question score >= 0 Gone at least ...
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Community bumping on AU

This is still a problem now. About 10% of my feed is irrelevant bumps by Community Bot. Yes, I'm aware of the irony of bumping this! But I just spent time writing up a nice Meta question, only to find ...
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Improved edits by Community♦ bot

From How can Community♦ improve edit suggestions?, on Meta.SE, S.L. Barth says that: It looks like this happens when a reviewer chooses "Improve Edit", but the reviewing user is later deleted. ......
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