I'm concerned that, at a glance, I infer moderators aren't worried about piracy here. That's not the case and, thankfully, also not what you say, but it gets a bit bogged down by reiterating the same ~"don't bother us with this stuff" stuff. The act of software piracy has no place on Ask Ubuntu. It's either completely superfluous to the question... Like ...


Because, reiterating Oli's words, there's no need to prevent users from "gaming the system by downvoting other question", as there's no point in downvoting other questions to your advantage, unless your aim is for your question(s) to be the highest scoring ever question(s) on the site.


Absolutely. The age of a question is completely irrelevant when choosing duplicates. What we want is the best, most comprehensive and inclusive answer. If a question asked today has better answers than one asked four years ago, we should close the old one in favor of the new. People often think that the age of the question should somehow be a factor when ...


Dupe it! Mark as duplicate (if you have sufficient privileges) or flag it as such. A header with the appropriate message will direct users to the right duplicate with the most useful posts. In my opinion this is not different from any other issue we had about a flood of similar/near identical questions when Ubuntu mobile/touch was presented.


For supporting software there is the community advisement at the right. Anyone interested in giving support to any project should use that method. The guide would be okay if the links that could be considered spam were edited. Community Promotion Ads - 2013


There's a very dangerous monster that prowls the site at night, usually around 3 o'clock UTC she comes out. Half shark and half feline she roams with a waddling sidekick. Clearing the site of all old, downvoted, and unanswered posts. The roombacat! Okay, so there is no cat, or duck. At least, I've never seen them... There is a roomba though. And it ...


The obvious one: newer question has better quality answers than the old one. Is this even a real question?


This question isn't on topic though. It is a typical example of "primarily opinion based". If you want to keep it up to date, you can always edit one of the existing answers, but it really isn't a question that fits our scope or the SE model. It is both opinion based and is about running a VM on a Mac so any answers would have to be for virtualization ...


You can't post a question without viewing it. Seems logical that it would always read 1 or higher.


No, we should not keep these around I've taken to flagging our version of the question as spam as well on the simple grounds that, to me, this smells advertisement. It's a link to what is essentially a commercial initiative and the question is most certainly posted purely with the intent to gather support for said fundraising campaign. It's one thing to give ...


It is a correct behaviour to convert a comment to an answer and mark it as wiki if the answerer did not write an answer themselves. Nothing is wrong. I do it too.


You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. "How to install 0 AD" ok, if you have a problem and found the solution to installing it. ~ Didn't realize there were widespread issues with installing it on every distribution of Ubuntu... "What is 0 AD" - not actually a problem with ubuntu, and the answer is ...


Diamond moderators, or occasionally a tag gold badge person, will have the ability to close a post instantly. From what I've seen, though I can't confirm this, such closes use the reason that user/mod used for closing. Typical closing however appears to be one on the 'best out of 5' system, so whichever option had the majority will probably get that close ...


It's probably on the line. It doesn't suggest why there's a problem or confirm that it's a problem with a specific browser. If you did this, it would be a much better answer... But it's certainly on its way there. But I'm saying that with context. I know that on a technical level Chrome likes to block things it considers suspicious. "Try another browser" ...


Links to fundraisers on the face of the post should never be posted (be it Proprietary or Open Source project) - they are irrelevant for any question (except for cases where people ask about how they can support a particular project). Comment should be okay till the time fundraiser is on. However, if it's an Open Source project which is seeking to raise ...


Yes true - and those questions are duplicate often too, when solution is the same: to enable/disable Uefi/Efi - Bios for to get around black or blue screen.


I voted to close that one (as unclear) as I recall. It seemed to me that the OP wanted to ask a question but never got around to articulating what it was. I often request further information from those it seems don't know enough to provide it. Rant onHonestly sometimes it's like pulling teeth and sometimes you get the ones that continually edit their ...


Wouldn't it be better to create like a mega answer on dual-booting ubuntu with windows 8 because the questions are just increasing at an alarming rate? Just try a search for questions tagged [windows-8], there are like thousands of them... If we create a mega answer touching on dual booting, UEFI, etc. Anyone posting any question tagged windows-8 will have ...

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