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Moderators are *not* the Software Police! (Read for details!)

I'm concerned that, at a glance, I infer moderators aren't worried about piracy here. That's not the case and, thankfully, also not what you say, but it gets a bit bogged down by reiterating the same ...
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Is asking questions about the ubuntu wiki off-topic

In general... There has been a range of viewpoints on the more general question raised here of: 'Is asking questions about the Ubuntu wiki off-topic?' For me the viewpoint that has resonated the most ...
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Suggestions for revising the "on-topic" policy for programming questions

My proposal is to change the on-topic wording to: Questions you may ask: ... Writing software for Ubuntu or setting up a software development environment on Ubuntu. Note that general-programming ...
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Is asking questions about the ubuntu wiki off-topic

On-topic The list of acceptable topics is posted at https://askubuntu.com/help/on-topic Questions that you may ask: Using and administering official Ubuntu flavors: Ubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu MATE,...
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What are the remaining options for popular/active questions that are closed?

This question isn't on topic though. It is a typical example of "primarily opinion based". If you want to keep it up to date, you can always edit one of the existing answers, but it really isn't a ...
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Suggestions for revising the "on-topic" policy for programming questions

"Development on Ubuntu" in the on-topic guidance refers to developing Ubuntu itself i.e. writing software for Ubuntu. This is always on topic regardless of the tools being used. I don't ...
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Question about asking general questions

I personally agree with the feedback you have received regarding your question. The style of Ask Ubuntu (or any other Stack Exchange site) is a Q&A where a question should be about a specific ...
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What do you consider a well received question?

I believe for the badges (Curious, Inquisitive and Socratic), a "well-received question" means that the question itself has a positive score, i.e. 1 or more. This can be 2 positives and 1 ...
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Users strange behaviour

It is a correct behaviour to convert a comment to an answer and mark it as wiki if the answerer did not write an answer themselves. Nothing is wrong. I do it too.
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Community bumping on AU

This is still a problem now. About 10% of my feed is irrelevant bumps by Community Bot. Yes, I'm aware of the irony of bumping this! But I just spent time writing up a nice Meta question, only to find ...
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Suggestions for revising the "on-topic" policy for programming questions

Regarding the on-topic policy for programming questions, a few considerations pop into my mind: There is no functional reason whatsoever to create a strict line between the different SE sites. On the ...
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Purpose of downvote on non-questions

I voted to close that one (as unclear) as I recall. It seemed to me that the OP wanted to ask a question but never got around to articulating what it was. I often request further information from ...
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Clearing out Old Questions

Here is an Example of Old Questions with Too Many Answers The question is about Black Screen, ( Ubuntu boots to a black screen with login ). A Duplicated question is given in comments: My computer ...
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