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What are common canonical questions for our site?

Needed: I broke my system by messing about with python. How do I fix it? I used the directions on a website to install wine and broke my system. How do I fix it? Pending Update of Snap Store / ...
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Is UBPorts within the scope of AskUbuntu?

I would say that UBports questions are on topic. It is not an Ubuntu project in the way Kubuntu or Lubuntu might be, but Canonical wrote the vast majority of software that makes up what UBports is, ...
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Canonical questions

To my experience with Ask Ubuntu Canonical Question is a normal question in Ask Ubuntu. They are not featured by the Stack Exchange QA system (with a label or flag) but by Users. There is no static ...'s user avatar
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Is UBPorts within the scope of AskUbuntu?

Is UBPorts an Ubuntu Project? No. It is a private project from Marius Gripsgard. There is no relation to Ubuntu nor to Canonical so off-topic. As shown on their website: "This site is maintained ...
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Canonical questions's answer is all good, but I want to add (opinionated) reasons why your approach will be hard to achieve. You have a lot of meta-information in your question's body. Out of the whole text, ...
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What is site policy for "canonical posts" and Community Wiki status?

Community wiki posts have a lower privilege bar for revisions. Historically this was useful, but now that any user can suggest an edit (even if they don't have an account), I don't think this is an ...
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Closing against "Unity doesn't load. No launcher, no Dash appears"

Another way to deal with issues like this is organically. What I've done on occasion in the past when there were a multitude of answers to a users question is try to point them directly to the one I ...
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