I'm trying to copy a segment of my syslog to a question here.

The problem is that all the linefeeds are lost when I do the copy, so the transcription is very difficult to read. How can I avoid this?

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You need to apply code formatting to the copy/pasted code.

This can be done by first copy/pasting in the content from the logs, then selecting the copied-in text completely, and hitting the button that looks like { } to apply code formatting.

This will properly make your log data look like it came from the terminal, just like I did to your question here via an edit to apply the code formatting.

This way by applying code formatting, you prevent this:


... from becoming this:

foo bar baz CAKE IS A LIE


You need to apply preformatted text formatting by using the {} icon above the editor window here, after having selected your syslog text.

For more details, please see the relevant help center page here: https://askubuntu.com/help/formatting

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