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13 votes
2 answers

I observed that my reputation decreases when I downvote answers, why?

Why does my reputation decrease when I down-vote answers? Isn't down-voting bad answers a good thing?
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123 votes
1 answer

Guidelines when voting for friends

Yesterday the moderators and SE staff wiped out 1850 reputation points between three accounts. Our current understanding is that these accounts are held by three real people who know each other in ...
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11 votes
1 answer

What does "-10 User was removed" mean?

I noticed this in my "activity drop down:" I don't particular care about losing 10 points, but it piqued my interest. What does this mean? If someone's account is deleted for some reason, their up ...
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41 votes
3 answers

Exchange votes or favours

Probably the most risky post I ever posted on AU, nevertheless need to get it of my chest... Don't ask me how I got the impression, nor whom it involves, but there seems to be a tendency lately that ...
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14 votes
1 answer

How to get Vox Populi badge

If I know right i can use maximum 30 votes in day. How can i get Vox Populi badge when it needs 40 votes: Vox Populi Used the maximum 40 votes in a day.
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30 votes
1 answer

You can vote - do it!

That about says it. Currently out of the top 15 posts in the newest questions, the total number of votes on questions and answers is 4 positive and 1 negative. This seems a bit low to me. Friends, ...
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14 votes
7 answers

Does voting up have to be serious?

Sometimes when I come across a question I like, I usually upvote it. When I com across a bad question, I leave a comment or edit it. The thing is, do I really have to think before I upvote a ...
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3 votes
0 answers

What are the reasons to downvote answers?

I'm not asking why a specific answer get downvoted but specifically why would you normally downvote an answer. This should help newbies understanding why their answers were downvoted even though ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why do you need 15 reputation to upvote?

I'm still a newbie on the askubuntu site, and what I experienced is that you need a reputation of 15 to upvote. I don't understand this. Say you see a question that you would like to see answered or ...
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28 votes
1 answer

Plea to the decentralized sense of opinion - use your vote!

Ask Ubuntu, as any other site in the Stack Exchange sites network, works with the help of a rating system. Sometimes it's hard for people to understand the importance of a single vote but votes are ...
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22 votes
4 answers

What is your consideration when downvoting, what are your criteria?

At the risk of being burned down, have to get this off my chest. Be sure it is not meant as an average "ouch, they downvoted me" rant; it bothers me when it happens to others as much as it ...
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21 votes
3 answers

Only 30 days and -1 to remove a question?

This was just brought to my attention by this question. From a question can be removed If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is ...
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20 votes
2 answers

What is considered a community consensus on Meta?

The info of the discussion tag here on Meta reads: The question you're asking is designed to solicit opinions or best-practices on a particular topic, with the goal of reaching community consensus. ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Is the importance of voting understated on Ask Ubuntu?

Well, see title. It seems that upvotes are really few and far in between on Ask Ubuntu. I see some really amazingly good answers that have been there for hours and sometimes have zero or one upvotes. ...
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19 votes
3 answers

What do you do about unexplained downvotes?

Too often do I see a question that is downvoted, without any explanation for why it was downvoted, and I cannot find anything downvote-worthy about the question. Often times I consider (and sometimes ...
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17 votes
5 answers

How can we motivate the community to vote more?

Lately I've noticed - we have a steadily growing population of users, but voting trends appear down. How can help educate users of their right - and inherent duty - to vote? How can we help promote ...
14 votes
1 answer

I accepted an answer to my question - does that mean I should upvote it, too?

A while ago, I asked a question about something. An answer was provided by another user, and although it did help with my original problem, it created new problems that were discussed in comments. ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Isn't the first step to post a comment rather than vote to close?

Can a question be closed without even a single comment? I have an example here in which I do understand that several voters close the question without asking for clarification:
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9 votes
2 answers

How to defend against negative incorrect votes

I have received a negative vote today for no apparent reason (Sorry for my English written skill, am from Venezuela) and i was wondering is there some kind of anti vote system that checks or at least ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Are votes more dramatic on Meta?

Just a simple question and discussion, no complaining, just asking. From what you (as an AU user) have seen, do you feel that votes are more dramaticized on Meta? For example I see multiple questions ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Serial downvoting reversed

what is Serial downvoting reversed? I just got +14 Reputations from the event listed as Serial downvoting reversed. What does that mean?
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6 votes
0 answers

Can people please leave comments when they downvote questions and answers [duplicate]

This is more of a request than a question, but if people down vote questions or answers could you please leave a comment in the appropriate place. The point of the voting system is so good q/a can be ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Should otherwise obsolete comments sometimes be retained for the community opinion their upvotes express?

Sometimes a comment with lots of upvotes is still obsolete and should be removed. This is usually the case, for example, when it requests information that the OP then provides (and provides in such a ...
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-3 votes
2 answers

This is what we should be worring about, we are upvoting CRAP in Ask Ubuntu!

This is the exact contrary to "Should we get worried about in what direction Ask Ubuntu wanders?". For some reason, a question that has nothing to do with Ubuntu in any way or form was upvoted... and ...
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1 answer

What is the point of voting in meta

The voting in Askubuntu works as following: you ask a good question, it gets upvoted and you get reputation you give a good answer and it gets upvoted, you receive reputation you ask a bad ...'s user avatar
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