I'm still a newbie on the askubuntu site, and what I experienced is that you need a reputation of 15 to upvote. I don't understand this.

Say you see a question that you would like to see answered or a problem you have too, and you would like to upvote but you can't. There are 2 alternatives to upvoting:

  • give a "me too" answer -> undesirable
  • ask the same question, AND get 15 reputation for asking it (only if discovered not a duplicate?) -> undesirable

I understand that askubuntu wants quality questions and answers, but I don't see how this particular decision helps to achieve this. I would like to see this dropped, or can someone explain?

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This seems to be answered on the main meta site:

  • Thanks! I am not so sure if I agree with the answer given there, but there is a point to it. The option to upvote on your own question/answer with multiple accounts didn't even occur to me... Jul 5, 2012 at 6:54

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