I upvoted Marco Ceppi's answer to this question of mine here on meta. But I am waiting on accepting the answer until it provides more of the information I had requested. I had posted a comment to this answer, indicating that I was hoping for that information.

When I upvoted the answer, I did not see a box pop up to remind me that I could accept the answer, like I had seen when upvoting an answer to a previous question. I think I've seen that reminder box here on meta, but perhaps it was just on main.

Why didn't I see that reminder that I could accept the answer? Was it because it was on meta (reflecting the different way votes are often used on meta)? Or because I had just previously commented on the answer? Or because I have been using Ask Ubuntu long enough (or have accumulated enough reputation) that I am expected to know how to use the system, such that I don't need such a reminder? Or for some other reason? Or is this a bug?

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Looks like there's a rep limit (around 1000)

Remind new users to choose some answers?

Although in an older answer apparently it was a time limit

Can we have an option to disable the "don't forget to accept" reminder?

Probably a combination of both, or something a little more complex. In any event, I don't think it's a bug.

  • Does anybody know, for sure, which it is now (or what combination of the two)? Commented Nov 16, 2011 at 2:25

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