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Homepage spammed

I'm getting sick of writing these posts. But, yep our homepage was spammed by a bunch of spammers. As usual my question is this: How can we prevent this? Note that these things have been happening ...
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Why did 'the system identify' a high quality post 'as possible spam' in review audit?

I was reviewing posts in the First Posts review queue and I got a review audit. Link to the review audit: I found it was an audit by clicking on the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Unregistered spammers should be deleted outright

A lot of spam is posted by unregistered users. They only have accounts on one site, and their only contribution is a spam or troll post. In my opinion, such users are not worth keeping. How about if ...
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Has anyone noticed some questions on Ask Ubuntu that are totally unrelated to Ubuntu?

About a week ago, there were some questions on Ask Ubuntu by various users that were totally unrelated to Ubuntu. One was about cooking or something like that. The same thing happened today with a ...
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Please fix spam detection

Today , I was editing a question and apparently there were some new changes in place for spam detection. Definitely good news . . . except that spam detection is broken: Out of all the words that ...
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Why my spam flag has been declined?

I flagged this answer. For those who can't read the deleted answer I am posting it here: I prefer to use virtual environments to install Ubuntu. You can use Vagrant or Docker. Both are excellent ...
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Why no extra downvote with spam flag any more? [closed]

When I flag an answer as spam, it simply flags it up and doesn't add an extra downvote, previously though I would downvote the question/answer, and then upon the spam flag the system would give it ...
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1 answer

Filtering SPAM on AskUbuntu [duplicate]

Why are beauty products spam being constantly posted on AskUbuntu? Its very irritating. I know that this cannot be filtered by bots but aren't there a faster way to delete these spams? There had ...
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No CAPTCHA for registration?

I hear about spam bots a lot here, and how they spam here, however is the simplest solution to most spam bots just to require that all new users have to enter a CAPTCHA when registering? Or at least ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What exactly is considered "spam" in Ask Ubuntu?

Now I know that there have been questions that have already been asked related to this topic, But they don't answer my question. My question is this: what is actually considered as spam over here? I ...
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Blocking "Babaji" and similar repeated Spam Attacks

I'm sure most of you have seen these "Babaji" posts around AU or the internet. My question is: Why is there no filter to autodelete Babaji? Pros: Moderators won't spend so much time/effort on ...
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