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1 answer

CAPTCHA bypass issue

For a while now I have been noticing this, and not just on the SE network, but all the sites that use the new re-CAPTCHA system, and I have tested this on many different OSs and also many different ...
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No CAPTCHA for registration?

I hear about spam bots a lot here, and how they spam here, however is the simplest solution to most spam bots just to require that all new users have to enter a CAPTCHA when registering? Or at least ...
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2 votes
0 answers

CAPTCHA has no submit button

I took a long time to compose my post, and was prompted by a house-number captcha. Easy. Then I was re-prompted to copy&paste some code into a text box ... but there's no way to submit that form! ...
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Why did AU ask if I was a robot?

I was posting an answer and I was asked whether I was a bot or not. I've been on this site for 10 months, and I was never asked to solve a CAPTCHA. Why would the system suddenly ask me if I was a bot ...
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Unreadable captcha

I wanted to add my answer to this post but I keep on being told to enter the text on a captcha. The problem is that the captcha text is bearly readable and no success after about five tries. I tried ...
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Why does Ask Ubuntu need a Captcha even from mobile users?

I am using my mobile phone to access Ask Ubuntu with Opera mini and it works with Ask Ubuntu mobile version but while posting answers it redirects me to the full website to enter a Captcha. Why is ...
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4 votes
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Why I am asked if I am a human being each time to be told that it has not been 20 minutes yet?

Sometime, I would like to create questions for a few issues. Since I don't have enough reputation, when I submit the second question, I am told to wait 20 minutes. The page does not tell up when ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Can the barriers to posting be shown before the human verification?

It's quite frustrating to prove I'm a human right before being told that I'm not allowed to post for x and y reasons.. why not wait to check that I'm a human until after verifying it's ok to post?
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8 votes
4 answers

Help select a CAPTCHA image

According to the Top 7, we need to select a CAPTCHA image, which is the image that gets shown over most in-site CAPTCHA prompts. So please submit your proposals as answers to this question.
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