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Down voting consequences

I really understand that down voting should not be as easy as voting up over a good question/answer but the loss of rep associated with it makes it really something to avoid by a lot of users. I am ...
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10 votes
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Should we downvote duplicate questions?

I have been around for a few months now. What I notice is that the same questions keep on being asked over and over again. For instance about what ubuntu version to use, problems to install, questions ...
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12 votes
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Who downvoted my question/answer on Ask Ubuntu?

Can I know who down voted my question/answer on Ask Ubuntu so that I can ask him the reason for it?
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6 votes
5 answers

Some closed questions should not be downvoted, just closed. Thoughts?

There are some questions that are not deserving a downvote considering the circumstances, such as when the OP is obviously not accustomed to using the the site and thinks that it is pretty much a ...
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3 answers

Could we add a delay before being able to downvote a question?

Some brand new Ubuntu users are posting some questions, being not yet familiar with AskUbuntu their question is not always very clear. I understand that to downvote such question to close them. But ...
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Poorly Written Questions - Is it okay to downvote?

I have seen a lot of questions where people do not bother to spell check or capitalize their I's, and leave beginnings of sentences uncapitalized. I have seen posts that use texting abbreviations, etc....
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2 votes
3 answers

What's the point of voting on questions (especially downvoting)?

I am curious as to the mentality behind upvoting/downvoting questions... I can understand the logic behind upvoting/downvoting answers "ok if an answer is bad then downvote it" sure this ...
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Could we modify the pop-up of the downvote icon of questions?

Reading the answers and comments that I got on this question "Could we add a delay before being able to downvote a question?" I changed my mind: An answer needs to be upvoted or downvoted, it is ...
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Why does voting down decrement Reputation

if an answer is wrong , then we can vote it and the wrong answer goes down the list,but why decrementing the hard-earned reputation?? we need to bring a change to that policy.
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32 votes
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Serial downvote: how to make it stop? Tired of having my questions deleted

For the second time on, I got serial downvoted. The user who downvotes targets questions with no upvote and no answer so that after the downvote the question will automatically deleted....
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22 votes
4 answers

What is your consideration when downvoting, what are your criteria?

At the risk of being burned down, have to get this off my chest. Be sure it is not meant as an average "ouch, they downvoted me" rant; it bothers me when it happens to others as much as it ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Is it acceptable to threaten users with downvotes?

See this question: top answer, third comment. I told the commenter that it's better to correct the answer himself than to threaten others ...
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13 votes
6 answers

Should we be concerned with prolific downvoters?

I've recently come across a few questions with downvotes that seemed a bit harsh; I accept everyone has a different view and it's fine to accommodate differences of opinion in a community. I got the ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What to do when your answer gets down voted?

What should I do when my answer is being down voted? Should I delete it? Because if I leave it, more users will just down vote it, which costs reputation. But if I delete it any (possibly limited) ...
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Bullying as a strategy to force close a question

This question - How to install bully and mdk3 on ubuntu 16.04 - has received at the time this was posted four downvotes as well as three close votes for being unclear, however there is nothing unclear ...
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2 answers

Is it good style to downvote developers who announce their projects?

Sometimes we see developers who use Ask Ubuntu as a platform to annouce their projects. I feel this is a good idea, especially when a project does address an unsolved issue many people have. For ...
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3 answers

How to understand a downvote

Is there any way to understand who or at least why a downvote was awarded? Because in 2 cases that I got a downvote, the answer seemed perfectly fine and also had upvotes from other users. The only ...
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Are we making Ask Ubuntu to uninviting to new users

Whilst down-voting is encouraged for sloppy, no effort, questions. Or answers that are bad or clearly incorrect. I have noticed a growing trend of down votes on first question/posts in the review ...
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ancient down-voting and modern Linux-society ;o)

To clarify my question - this following ( please take my opinion more with humour not with deadly seriousity ) : Being "down-voted" is somehow ancient and leads into direction like being "pilloried". ...
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