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Modify close reason banner and create an "Off-Topic Compass" site on Meta?

I have answered Add Elementary OS Stack Exchange to the off topic banner with a proposal which got a positive feedback, so I'm now writing it as separate feature request here: Make a more flexible and ...
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Questions about wireless that lack information are not necessarily duplicates

Recently I have noticed that a number of questions about wireless problems that lack the hardware information necessary to answer them are being closed as duplicates of this question: My wireless/WiFi ...
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Mention official Ubuntu flavors in the off-topic close reason

Currently, one of the off-topic close reason's text is the following: This is not about Ubuntu. Questions about other Linux distributions can be asked on Unix & Linux, those about Windows on ...
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Should voting to close a correctly closed question for the right reason really be considered failure?

I encountered this review audit. To test me, the review item told me the question had received close votes as primarily opinion-based. This was obviously wrong, which I recognized quickly, but I saw a ...
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Inconsistent date in close description

I am talking about this question: Software Updater is saying "You stopped the check for updates". What should I do? The question was asked 11 months ago and the question was closed 12 ...
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Do we need a new close reason of "Abandoned"?

This is basically a resurrection of How should we define "Abandoned" as a close reason?, but given Reminder: Unanswered + Time != Too Localised, I think we need to actually revisit this. ...
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installing software leads to "unmet dependencies" so question is closed...why?

I'd like some elaboration as to why this question on unmet dependencies was closed. It's not an obscure package, although it's also not in the default repos. Broadly, just asking how to install, and, ...
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Why was the question about a problem pinging a Windows system from Ubuntu off-topic?

What was causing the problem, presented in the question, only came into light when the question was answered. Before that it was unknown and most probably would ...
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Software/Games alternatives in Ubuntu (linux) are off-topic?

I saw this question and voted it to close as too broad since: Is a question about alternatives for a Game title which, telling all truth, there are many alternatives for almost any game in almost any ...
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The wording of OT/bug in the Close Votes Review queue seems ambiguius

The close reason states Bug reports and problems specific to development version of Ubuntu should be reported on Launchpad so that developers can see, track and fix these issues. related: Let'...
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