I saw this question and voted it to close as too broad since:

  • Is a question about alternatives for a Game title which, telling all truth, there are many alternatives for almost any game in almost any platform, so 1 answer will not cope them all.

But I could have closed it for several more:

  • Opinion based: everyone will have an opinion of what game is similar or identical of the game.
  • Off topic: Is not specific to Ubuntu since almost any game that works in Ubuntu, will work with any distribution of Linux.
  • Duplicated to some question that list all alternatives in Linux/Ubuntu to Windows applications.
  • I was thinking some yesterday, but today I forgot... :(

While I believe that questions like "What is the alternative in Ubuntu to MS Office?" -> "Libreoffice" is a OK, we couldn't track down every piece of software and offer an alternative.

My solutions:

  • Close them as too broad/opinion based or any other off-topic reason.
  • Do a master question, which contains a link of resources about Linux/Ubuntu equivalents to Games and Application, and close them as duplicated of this question. Note, is not a list of links but more like "Where I can find a list of alternatives to Windows/OSX applications for Ubuntu?".
  • Any other?

Another questions with similar (if not the same) problems:


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