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Make apt-links clickable. [duplicate]

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How do we solve the package installation problem? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to post links that install software via apt? I had a friend try stackexchange and he was disappointed that a bunch of the easier commands (like recommending installing ...
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How can I add a link within an answer on to download a package? [duplicate]

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How do you add an apt-link to an askubuntu question? [duplicate]

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How does Ask Ubuntu work?

We're in an odd situtation as Stack Exchange has long-established communities and so has Ubuntu. We need to ensure that we communicate best practices to the existing Ubuntu teams. How do Ask Ubuntu ...
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Style guide for questions and answers

Following the style guides on Stack Overflow and Wikipedia, I would like to propose that we create a style guide of our own. Let's hold ourselves to a high standard and create or promote questions ...
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Plenty of broken image links

This bug was detected in 2011: the original policy was to use software centre images from bit. ly/ software-small, but that mysteriously broke for some reason that doesn't really matter at this point. ...
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Does it make sense to continue to post links to in answers?

Specifically I'm asking about the concept discussed in the top rated answers in the meta post How to post links that integrate with the Software Center? Once upon a time, when was up ...
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How can we participate in the Ubuntu Global Jam?

Welcome Ubuntu Global Jammers! Thanks for taking the time to check out tasks for Ask Ubuntu. We've put together a list of things that should help you get started. and then submit an edit, then it ...
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how to add a link that will open the software center

I have added link to by providing a button to click on till now... But neither by the method - "[package name] (link)" and nor by assign a url to the button image,i could give a ...
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Understanding and its use in askubuntu

I have noticed in a number of answers to questions where the use of the (I think this is what I recall) is employed to assist with the installation of some Ubuntu package that may not ...
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Which Software Center install button should we use?

The current Software Center download button is something like this, promoted here: (This seems to be newer in style and colouring, with regards to the Ubuntu theme....
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What do we do about the links to

For years now, we have added links to with pretty little icons and banners. Recent consensus is that we should stop adding those links (I agree). However, the existing links had at ...
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Images to apt links not appearing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Software centre image link is broken I keep seeing the message 'the image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available', and I discovered this only happens with ...
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Mobile view adds linebreaks before and after images even if they are very small

If my answer uses a package one has to install first, I like to add an AptURL link with the small package symbol , e.g. for sl using this: [`sl` ![Install sl](](http:...
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