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Add support for apt:// link schema
How to post links that install software via apt?

It's a shame that we have to tell people to "sudo apt-get install packagename" on AskUbuntu.com. It should be sufficient to provide apt://packagename and let the user just click it to install.


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There are several options for posters to generate their links as links that will open the software centre. The basis behind all of them is linking to http://apt.ubuntu.com/p/<package-name>.

There have been discussions about making this automatic (eg to detect apt-get install ...) but my attempt to do this failed. The major problem is you'll also see add-apt-repository scattered around the site and this can be a major part to getting some things working. Adding apt repos is not possible via a link (for good reason!).

  • if that's the case then how do they do this (number 7) : doc.ubuntu-fr.org/boot-repair ? at least let us link and we can decide if we're going to use the link or not after having tested it to see if it works. It's too good a feature to shun. Another thing : this question says duplicate ok then which is the original?
    – tatsu
    Commented May 15, 2017 at 12:57

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