Welcome Ubuntu Global Jammers!

Thanks for taking the time to check out tasks for Ask Ubuntu. We've put together a list of things that should help you get started.

and then submit an edit, then it will go into the queue and you'll earn 2 points for each edit. Once you feel comfortable how the site works you can start to tackle answering questions. Of course, if you're new to Ubuntu you can participate just by asking questions to things you want to know!

Some of the tasks require certain amount of points (to weed out spammers), so just submit a few edits to get the hang of it and then you should get enough points to start to be able to do things like attaching screenshots.

You should check out the FAQ if you've never been here before, and feel free to pop into chat if you need help.

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Things to Do!

Ask and Answer questions

This is what the site's all about, though editing and improving content over time is important, this is our bread and butter:

  • New here and know Ubuntu? You can dive right into the unanswered questions.
  • If you're already used the site before, then feel free to dive into the unanswered questions, these are tailored for tags you have answered in the past.

Editing existing content

This is great for people who know how to copy edit and proofread, but might not be Ubuntu experts, you can learn a bunch just by helping fix spelling and grammar mistakes and by retitleing questions to be easier to read. Just click on "improve this post"

Experienced Users

  • We could use a hand with review.

Tips and Tricks

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