I was just wondering (as I have not seen any body with a name like this in the AU chat room) who the room owners in the main Ubuntu chat room were, so I thought I would ask a question about it here as this seemed to be the most relevant place to ask it. So who?

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Going into the info page and the Access tab for the room will very quickly answer this.

Note that "Owner" doesn't mean "Founder", it just means people who administrate to a point.

Diamond mods have God rights in most all of the chat channels regardless.

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  • I would have if I were not in doubt about what you really wanted to say :-)
    – guntbert
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  • @guntbert i think the rewording worked. Considering yesterday I had 3 hours of sleep the night prior i was a little crazy to the point of "Not logically thinking all arguments through"
    – Thomas Ward Mod
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