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Context my friend, context. :) You post a link, and also explain the context of the question. The user that foss was talking about here had posted it in with no context. If context is provided, then sure! Post away (within reason).


A bit of history here. Back in December of 2010, I was asked by Jeff Atwood to write a Twitter bot that tweeted popular questions from Stack Exchange sites. I completed this just before Christmas and the code I wrote was eventually integrated into the Stack Exchange codebase. Now, I have no idea how much of the original code remains. However, I can point ...


Documenting whatever I could find about the workings of the Twitter bot: Tweets a link to a question every 3 hours. Tweets a link to a newly bountied question. Any question that is considered "hot" by the system. Some of the publicly noted factors are: The question score must be >=1. The question must not have a close vote on it. The algorithm (possibly ...


I’ve tried to create such a button (not for Stack Exhange, but for other sites). It didn’t work well, because itself was not set up to let it work well. If you happen to be signed into, it does work, albeit a little clunkily. If you’re not, what you’d expect is a login/signup screen, and once you’re logged in or signed up, you’d expect a ...

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