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How do I flag correctly?

The following are some guidelines for flagging on Ask Ubuntu. These guidelines are derived from existing policies set out in the help center, Ask Ubuntu Meta and Meta SE, and were further refined by a ...
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How do I flag correctly?

First off, read the section on flagging in the help center - there's a ton of good information there, and links to more. Second... Don't think too hard. Flagging is something that's made available to ...
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What are the meanings of EoSS, LTS, ESM and EoL?

One of the primary confusion points we have right now is with the definitions of the following, and what they mean: End of Standard Support (EoSS) Long Term Support (LTS) Extended Security ...
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Guidelines when voting for friends

This occurs on almost every popular SE site. I recommend migrating this to Meta SE. Assuming this issue may affect the meaning of reputation, or cause true disturbance in the system, is quite a ...
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