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Should these VMware questions be re-closed as duplicates?

This is a follow-up to Kulfy's question Can these VMWares be un-merged? The requested unmerge was done, and questions closed against the former merge target were reopened. Attempts were made to close ...
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Why can't I VTC this as duplicate? It has an upvoted+accepted answer

Look at this question. I bumped into it using the Review Queue for Close Votes. I agree with the proposed duplicate, but I am unable to vote-to-close it: The error This question does not have an ...
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Certain users should get more close and delete votes

20k+ users (or something) should get more close and delete votes. It is limiting when we are out of votes and come across questions to close or answers/questions to delete. Flagging is cool, but ...
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Erroneous message pops up in close dialog

I try to vote to close a question, but am greeted with this error message: So I patiently wait until 3 seconds have passed, try again, and get the same error, over and over again. What is wrong here?
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Why does this question have 4 votes to migrate to Meta?

Why is this being shown on a review? It has 4 close votes to migrate to Meta. Why does it have 4 migration votes (unrelated to Meta)? That option isn't even available for me on most questions (...
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Should unclear questions with accepted (or plausible) answers be marked for closing?

When a question is unclear or missing key elements that might lead to an answer — such as versions, logs, and whatnot — it should be flagged for closure. To the best of my knowledge this is for two ...
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Why are there a limited amount of close votes for high rep users?

I am a reasonable high rep user and have been around for some time now, and even though both of those are the case I still have a limited amount of close votes I can cast (40), why is this? Surely the ...
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1 vote
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Why can't you vote on a question once you have retracted your vote?

Once you have voted on a question, and then retracted your vote, you are unable to cast another vote, why is this? Because for instance I could VTC something as unclear, but then when they update it I ...
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