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This tag should be used as a GENERAL tag for posts about questions and answers in general and not specifically one or the other.

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why I cannot post my question?

Today I try asking the question 'How to send a mail with two or three copies from Thunderbird?'; I have completed details 'I was used to click Enter after address for the copy; it resulted in showing ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How do I add images in questions? [duplicate]

How do I add JPEG images in Ask Ubuntu questions?
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4 votes
1 answer

Publish question button is disabled

I recently posted a question, but after reviewing the question I noticed the Post Question button is disabled. I tried to make little changes in the question body without success. Finally, I edited ...
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11 votes
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What to do when someone's posting answers which suggest upgrading to an EoL release

A new user just posted the (almost) same answer, viz. Update to Ubuntu 16.10 That should solve this (issue). to the following two different questions where OP is/was using 16.04 I am not able to ...
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What does it mean when a post is bumped to homepage by the Community?

Today I noticed this on a post: What exactly does this mean and what triggered it?
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7 votes
2 answers

The question is the same as mine, the accepted answer does not apply to me, how can I raise my own case?

In a post the question describes perfectly my situation but the answers (one of which is accepted) do not work for me. I imagine that the post will not attract any answers any longer. On the one ...
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If a flag is wrong, but the post is still flaggable, an extended message to just "declined" should be given

There is sometimes confusion over what to flag certain posts as, and when there is no reason to flag them and they are flagged then they should be "declined". But if the post was flagged with the ...
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2 answers

Flags shouldn't be "declined" as if they were always invalid if they were valid when they were cast

I see this a lot, an answer is posted which is a link-only one for instance, it is flagged up as such, but then someone edits the answer to include the information at the link (or similar) and then ...
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Are moderators able to delete posts permanently in extreme circumstances?

I was wondering, because now that I have more than 10k rep, I am able to see deleted questions and answers, which shows that even if you a post, it is not really gone, just invisible for most and you ...
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Why are new users allowed to post links?

Although you may argue that they are limited to one link per post, they are actually able to post more than one link by enclosing it with ``s (and other ways), so making it so that they are not ...
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