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How should we handle the Imgur TOS change?

Per this page on the Imgur website (under "What are we doing?") Our new Terms of Service will go into effect on May 15, 2023. We will be focused on removing old, unused, and inactive ...
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Why are new users not allowed to post images below 10 reputation?

I am somewhat of an active user of Ask Ubuntu. As I've been editing other peoples' posts (to improve them or something else) I've noticed a pattern... Users with below a 100 reputation used links to ...
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How do I add images in questions? [duplicate]

How do I add JPEG images in Ask Ubuntu questions?
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Many users are not formatting images properly. What to do?

I've been editing posts on the Ask Ubuntu website for a couple of weeks and I've found that there more than a hundred posts where images are not formatted properly. Most of the users are either ...
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How can I integrate pictures/images in review queues?

I can't figure out how I can integrate pictures when I read first posts in the review queue. I hope I didn't oversee something obvious.
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How can I add a screenshot directly from my clipboard to the body of a post?

I would like to renew / re-post my question about Bluetooth menu. If I want to add a screenshot to a post, I can use gnome-screenshot and copy the screenshot to the clipboard. How do I add such a ...
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Profile images from Facebook don't always show up

See, for example, this new user: On both their posts and their profile, I cannot see an image. If I try to view the image directly, I get this ...
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Is there an easy way to include images from

Sometimes, posters provide links to rather than to Then, if I want to include the image in the poster's question, I first have to open the https://imgur....
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Can we fix these posts with missing images essential to the answer?

I've had a really long https image cleanup hangover, but today I am finally closing this tab. However, there were two things that nobody managed to fix - highly upvoted answers with missing images ...
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Image link cleanup for HTTPS

As you may have read by now, the roadmap to HTTPS will involve some manual fixing of dead links to images and uploading images from other sources to imgur. Sooner or later this is going to come our ...
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Ubuntu icon missing from repo links

I've just noticed on some questions like this one there is an "image not found" link for imgur. I think it used to be an icon for the Ubuntu package manager. At first I thought these were added ...
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How does SE generate profile pictures for new users?

When a new user joins the site a profile picture is automatically generated for them, how is this image generated? And does SE do it, or a third-party application?
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Why can you only upload images in chat?

Currently you are unable to upload anything but images in chat, why is this so? Is this because of security or some other reason such as space?
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Unable to upload gif image in question

I have recently found that I get this error when attempting to upload a gif image to a question (well, I actually didn't upload, but instead provided a link to a gif image which has worked with the ...
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Is there moderation on images that are uploaded but not posted?

I realised today that I could upload an image into the question box, and copy the web address, and delete the link from the question - and the image remains at that link. In effect, I could use SO as ...
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Inserted image in Ask Ubuntu not showing in browser

I am trying to insert a screenshot to answer a question, using both options as mentioned here. However, the image is not being displayed on browser. Note : I am uploading image from my computer. I ...
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What is the recommended way to avoid hotlinking images?

I've just posted two answers from guides providing good answers. On both of them are images explaining the steps. I can't find the reference. But somewhere on Ask Ubuntu it was said that it's better ...
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How do you upload a screenshot?

I just installed Kazam, and it looks very simple to use. I want to use it here on askubuntu. I figured out how to take a screenshot, I just don't know how to upload it. Does anyone know how to do this?...
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Are animated GIFs of screencasts welcome at Ask Ubuntu?

Should we include a animated GIF of a screencast in our answers? Or should we post a series of screenshots instead? Or is a link to a video hosted externally preferable? Here's an example of a ...
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How do I include a screenshot to illustrate a question in AskUbuntu?

The title is the question. I have screenshots that make a question easier to understand than anything I can write.
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Insert picture in Ask Ubuntu

How can I insert image from picture folder of Ubuntu while asking question or answering to question in Ask Ubuntu?
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Bug with images?

I put this in my question to include 2 screenshots: ![MP3 Tunes v2 (v1 was much better)][1] ![The largest accurate screenshot I found of v1 >.<][2] And this is what happened: The first ...
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