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Recommend Deletion option in Late Answers review queue does nothing - please flag posts that should be deleted

Just a quick PSA here - thanks to BeastOfCaerbannog I've realised that the new Recommend Deletion option in the Late Answers queue completes the review and gives you the option to leave the canned ...
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Best way to notify the moderators?

So in the wake of the UFC-spam attack last night, I (like many of you) used-up all of my flags trying to fight the onslaught of crap being posted on our site. At one point, I noticed my flag amount ...
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Feature improvement for flags history

This question is asked on MSE at the following link for more visibility: Make it easier to distinguish accepted and declined flags in addition to pending ones in flags history In the flag summary ...
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Flagging message, for ubuntu +1 questions

I think we need a specific flagging message under offtopic because, for ubuntu +1(Saucy Salamander) questions? Update: Some relevant screenshots. As we can see above, we can mark offtopic based on ...
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Could the non-official flavour flag have an automatic comment like duplicate has?

When you flag a question with a duplicate flag, it automatically sends a comment like Does this answer your question? How to run Visual Studio Code as root But for the Needs improvement - A ...
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About retracted flags and the comment persisting

Case in point: How do I convert my usb installation from legacy boot to uefi? By mistake I flagged as duplicate but later on noticed it was about Elementary OS. Retracted but the comment persists?
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How should shopping recommendations be flagged?

See title, essentially. Currently there isn't an explicit option on the flag menu to flag as "Off-topic -> Shopping recommendation", despite it being listed as an off-topic category in the Help Centre....
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