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Why does Stack Exchange ask about cookies on every screen? [closed]

Every time I open a page on Stack Exchange it wants me to accept all cookies: By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in ...
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Before I ask a question the similar posts suggestions do not scroll properly

I started to post my first post and was offered similar posts, but when I scrolled, I saw this problem in Firefox. The text is scrolling behind the original text that I saw. There's no no preview ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Suspect malware behaviour when accessing askubuntu and or any stack exchange site from firefox

I am having this very strange pop-up ads issue when accessing any Stack Exchange site using Firefox. Whenever I click I get redirected to ads. I have done and tries the following: cleared cookies, ...
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Firefox redirects to

On 16.04 with Firefox, whenever I try to go to, I'm redirected to ! This is true if I type the address in the url or if I click on the askubuntu logo on this site. Notice ...
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Web design issues on Askubuntu

Whenever I try to add a new favorite tag on Askubuntu that is on the right side of the website the button add seems to be cut/trimmed. Is this issue with my Firefox or it's a website issue?
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feed icon link is wrong in firefox

the site has a rss/atom feed which is available via the rss icon in the awesomebar of firefox. if you click on that icon, the page firefox wants to open is feed://http//
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