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1 answer

user feed, a relic of a discontinued service

I found a user I believe to be a terrific resource. Naturally, I wanted to follow him on his answers, questions and contributions. After thumbing around his profile, I discovered the hard way that ...
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2 answers

Separation of Q&A feed to specific topics

What do you think about separation of Q&A feed to specific branches, like Ask Ubuntu Hardware Q&A, Software Q&A, Drivers, Games and so on ?
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4 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to generate an rss feed with all questions that get 10+ upvotes?

I know there is a way to get ALL questions through a feed, but what about great questions? Are they listed independently somewhere? If not, can I do it with a yahoo pipe? Any cues as to how I should ...
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feed icon link is wrong in firefox

the site has a rss/atom feed which is available via the rss icon in the awesomebar of firefox. if you click on that icon, the page firefox wants to open is feed://http//
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