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Bug: Moderator not getting the mod tag but being tagged as a bot in mod actions for comments

This happened on this post's deleted comment - visible to moderators and staff as it's a deleted comment: This is a post done by a reviewer and masked by the Community bot. Mitch is an actual diamond ...
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Why did the "community" user reject my edits?

I was reviewing my suggested edits, and saw that the "community" user rejected three of my edits because they "conflicted with a subsequent edit." What's that supposed to mean? I've had very few ...
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7 votes
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When does the community user start bumping old questions?

According to this the community user bumps old unanswered questions so that they get another shot at getting answered. I've seen it do it a couple times in the past but it doesn't seem like it's a ...
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Community bumping on AU

The Community user bumps old, not-well-answered questions regularly. While that maybe a good fit on most SE sites, I'm not sure of its applicability to AU. We follow a strong and strict release policy....
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What does it mean when a post is bumped to homepage by the Community?

Today I noticed this on a post: What exactly does this mean and what triggered it?
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Improved edits by Community♦ bot

I was going through Suggested Edits and noticed Community♦ had reviewed the edit suggestion. The bot has done a number of edits. Community has approved 21419 edit suggestions and rejected 4859 ...
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I suspect that some person acts as "Community" user

It is supposed that "Community" is an automated service. But a couple of times it made some human decisions. Like this question. I voted to close as duplicate. But as soon as the issue was fixed, "...
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