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What to do with abandoned questions?

It's inevitable that people will come to this site, ask a low quality question, and not return to follow up on comments requesting additional information. What should be done with these examples? ...
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Closing abandoned questions is harder than it should be.

I've been doing a bunch of digging around to help solve our accept rate problem. It's probably a multifaceted problem so I thought I'd tackle this one for now. According to meta, our policy is to vote ...
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How should we define "Abandoned" as a close reason?

Assume a question is clear, fully fleshed-out in details, compliant with question policy, and relevant to a large audience... but unanswered. At what point (if ever) does this question because ...
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Cleanup Project using SEDE Query

What’s this post about? We are a group of people who are doing some cleanup work. Currently, we are using an SEDE Query that finds unanswered1 questions with answers by the OP. From a cleanup ...
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What to do with questions whose OP hasn't visited the site for a long time?

On viewing unanswered questions I came across this question. While there was nothing wrong with the question, it is very old and the OP hasn't visited the site for a long time. Hence, any answers/...
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What are the acceptable number of close votes to initiate per day?

I've started a VTC project based on abandoned questions about EOL Ubuntu versions. Tonight I VTC'd only one so far: Boot failure after shutdown during upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04. However over the ...
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Changes to how we close abandoned questions

This is a heads up for people who regularly flag things as abandoned: The mods are stepping back We're not actually going anywhere and we'll still be dealing with most of the flags that come in but we ...
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What criteria should be used when considering merge candidates?

This question was prompted by the results of a normal dupe search on this question. I discovered 2 possible duplicates as listed below and my first thought was that they should be merged. Duplicate ...
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Why don't we have "required/requested input not provided" close reason for abandoned questions?

While I've just recently acquired the privilege for voting to close questions, I find it hard to find the right close reasons for the following very common scenario. Someone asks a question, but does ...
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What to do when users have been inactive for months and their question remain open?

I have a couple of questions still open nVidia GeForce Go 7600? can it ever run unity? UFW is not logging how do I troubleshoot? Will my data be erased if I upgrade from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 But ...
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Time Frame of Abandoned/Old Questions

I have checked the following questions: What to do with abandoned questions? How should we define "Abandoned" as a close reason? Changes to how we close abandoned questions Closing ...
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What happens to inactive users' questions?

What should be do with the users' questions that are inactive from a long time ago? This question is from this user how posted one question in February and after that never came back. What I'm ...
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Can moderators confirm abandoned questions should be closed TL, not NARQ?

For quite some time, we've been using the too localized close reason for abandoned questions. Of course, if the question merits closure for another reason--it's a duplicate, it couldn't have been ...
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Another bit on abandoned questions, but specifically good ones with good answers

Question on a rarer type of abandoned question: Is there a way for 'Community' to take ownership of these questions so an answer can be accepted and the data can be maintained? Is it simpler to ...
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Question deleted as abandoned although I didn't abandon it

I asked this question a while ago. It didn't receive any helpful attention, not even a comment asking for output of some command or something, or suggesting what I could look at. Since I still have ...
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