So I have a problem with my VirtualBox Windows 7 64 guest. It seems that it does not recognize the GPU.

While researching the problem I cam across this post .... Enable CUDA GPU working under VM ... underneath the post is a message about this post being a duplicate and that the answer is elsewhere.

So here is my question... If you are going to claim that a question is answered some place on the system why not put a link to that answer?

How are we supposed to get assistance if you block one question from being answered yet do not provide with a location where the problem is resolved?

I still have my problem but have no clear path to find the answer.


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Look right under the question's title where it links to its duplicate question:

This question already has an answer here:
Enable graphics card in VirtualBox  3 answers


As karel indicated, this already is done for you - right under the question's title is a box where it shows the link to the duplicate.

In the mobile app, this is along a bar/box at the bottom of the post window/screen. It says that the post is marked as a duplicate, and there's a nice little info button there that'll show you details of the duplicate and the link to the dupe.

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