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The yellow "question has been deleted" bar is underneath the Ubuntu navbar when scrolling

When scrolling down, the "this question has been deleted" bar is partially hidden under the Ubuntu navigation bar: I think the z-index ordering should be done in such a way that the yellow popup bar ...
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The review menu opens and immediately springs closed if clicked when logged out

I had a tab open in Firefox from when I was logged in. Not realizing I had been logged out of the site, I clicked the review icon in the top bar. The menu that would ordinarily show me the review ...
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The Canonical navigation bar has diverged from the canon

Possibly due to the recent CSS refactoring, the pseudo-Canonical navigation bar no longer matches the top bar of sites. Here is how they compare in my Chrome (Windows): AU bar Canonical ...
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Review queue false negatives on the new top bar

I've reviewed several posts regarding the new top bar such as:
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