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Question about user reputation

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Minor issue regarding reputation and badge

I should be on 123/150 for legendary. Rep got to 200 and I saw the counter go to 123/150. Lost 15 due to pilot6 ( :-) ) removing an accepted answer and saw it go back to 122/150. The 2 blank lines ...
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Do answers, given during grace period, count for a bounty?

Just curious.. A while ago, I commented on this question, to see if I could find information to give an answer. Just after the bounty period, but within the grace period, the poster commented that ...
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Sum of "last period" reputation is wrong when a post I downvoted is deleted

When our reputation changes, the title of reputation tab in our profile includes how many internet points we received or lost since we last viewed the reputation page. During that same period, I had ...
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Is Total Reputation Calculated Differently to a Time-based Reputation?

As the title suggests, I am curious to know whether the "total reputation" for an account is calculated differently from the different time-based reputations. While looking at the Year 2021 ...
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50 Reputation on comments is too much? Add new function to suggest?

I have low reputation as you see. And the problem i see with this is, that when i try to troubleshoot someone's question that requires some active or continuous communication, or a suggestion like "...
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Edit post again after logging in

I made an edit to a post, realized I made a mistake but I couldn't edit it again. Then I noticed I was somehow logged out (I'm NEVER logged out normally so it didn't even cross my mind that the button ...
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Help on chat without enough REP

I don't have enough rep yet to talk on chats but I would like to reply to some answers to help Can we have a new channel for users without enough rep? Just to chat about Linux in General?...
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Different badges in main user and meta, Reputations only for main user

There is independence between awarded badges on askubuntu main user and meta user. But reputations is same for main user and meta user. However, voting and accepting questions and answers on meta ...
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