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Change the Launchpad logo on Ask Ubuntu's Contact and Login pages

As of now, this is the logo of Launchpad shown in Ask Ubuntu contact pages ( and and login page ( ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Can't connect to askubuntu with Ubuntu SSO

I could not log on my original account throught SSO on askubuntu. I've tryed on Firefox, Chromium (fresh install with the purpose of this test, no extension). How to reproduce: New private window: ...
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4 votes
0 answers

How to sign into Ask Ubuntu?

Trying to sign into Ask Ubuntu using a Launchpad account. It won't let me get that far once it got me to the authentication part but none the less it fails.
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0 answers

We have a launchpad team?

I was looking through the google tubes and found this - it appears that there is a AskUbuntu team. I just wanted to bring this up - is there anything we want to do with this? Note that ...
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Launchpad OpenID not working for login on Ask Ubuntu

I can't log in here using my Launchpad ID. I get Canceled on the identification page of AskUbuntu. On the Launchpad, I get an Oops page with an message saying that the error was logged. Sorry, ...
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How to get same OpenID URL at Launchpad and StackExchange?

My usual nicks of don-quixote, quixote and donquixote were already in use at Launchpad when I registered there, so I registered as mdcrawford, my real name. At all the StackExchange sites - which ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Why can't I login into Ask Ubuntu with launchpad anymore?

I do have an Ubuntu Launchpad account (still works, e.g. for reporting bugs, etc.) and I used to use it to login into Ask Ubuntu as well. For some months now, I can't login into Ask Ubuntu anymore. ...
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I can't login, although I'm registered on

I've got a Launchpad and a goggle+ - account, but I can't login to askubuntu, although I'm registered (my username is lowereastside) cause always comes the question for „openID“. Am I too stupid to ...
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